Question For Experienced Pregnant Women

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am - November 11

Hi, I have a question for those who have been pregnant before...that is, before your missed period, did you have period like symptoms? Did you notice anything different that made you think, hmm..maybe I'm pregnant? My period is due sometime this weekend and sometimes I feel a little different. (Sore br___ts, low abdominal cramps, fatigue, heart burn) I am not sure what to expect.


E - November 11

I felt exactly as I always did prior to my period. Sore b___bs, cramping, tired, moody.... This happened in all of my pregnancies. Good luck.


m - November 11

When I was pregnant with my first child, I didn't really feel that different. But with my second child, I "felt" different (or thought I did) before I was expecting my period. Like E said, it was pretty much like PMS stuff. The big difference for me was I had a lot of pulling and stretching going on, so that was a different cramp than just period cramps. Also, I QUICKLY developed an aversion for any type of perfume or cologne. That was also a sign for me, because I have always liked my hubby in cologne, and I have always worn perfume. But right off, I couldn't handle it anymore. Even though it is "best to wait" until a missed period to test, you could always go ahead and test now just for the fun of it. Some women do have high enough levels that they can show positive on a sensitive test this early, that is, if you are supposed to start this weekend. But keep in mind, there is a chance your levels aren't high enough yet, so if you think you will be disappointed, I wouldn't set myself up for that. In that case, I might wait to see if Aunt Flow comes. Good luck, and come back Monday and fill us in. :o)


am - November 11

Thank you for that! I will have to wait for a couple days. If AF stays away, I am going to test. To avoid dissappointment, I am not going to test just yet. I will let you know what happens. I am quite anxious to see what the result will be as we've been trying for 11 months. Hopefully, it will be positive this time! :)


Christine - November 11

Good luck AM


NT - November 11

Wishing you all the best, keep us posted.


am - November 11

Thank you for your support, I really appreciate it!



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