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TB - February 6

I am 10 days late and I have taken some tests and they are neg & pos. Went to the Dr last week and the urine test came out neg, so she sent me for a blood test. The blood test came back pos. but with only a hcg count of 59. The Dr said this is low as my last period was 5 weeks ago, that I should be 5 weeks preg. and the count should be in the 1000's. I have to go back next week for another urine test, do you think I am preg? Do you think this is normal, is this number too low? Please offer some advise.


to TB from DEE - February 6

Congrats TB!!! But please don't worry yourself on your hcg, grandpa viv will give you some type of advice on that. But I'm 16 days late AS OF TODAY, and took a test friday when I was 14 days late, and it came up positive. But on wednesday when I was 12 days late it came up negative, do you think I sill may be pregnant??? I'm going to the doctor on Tuesday, wish me luck and success!!!


Grandpa Viv - February 6 (no hyphens) tells that at 5 weeks the low end value for hCG is 19 (the high end is in the 1000's). I think the normal practice for quant_tative is to call anything between 3 and 25 a "retest". Do you have no early signs at all? For DEE, if you were 14 days late and got a positive urine test, congratulations! Break out the prenatal vitamins.


Tb - February 6

Yes I have early signs, my b___sts are tender, little white bumps on nipples, nausea sometimes, constipated, cramping like i am going to get my cf. Do you think that I am? Is it OK that the hcg level is low at 59 count?


Grandpa Viv - February 6

Those Montgomery tubercles on the areola are pretty indicative. The only other reasons for them that I have read are puberty and hormonal imbalance. I'm not sure if low hCG increase correlates to chance of miscarriage, but I wouldn't let that worry you. We see pregnancies that don't get to 50 in the urine until week 8. Good luck!



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