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Nikki - March 4

no one has really answered my question: I was on the birth control pill. I was supposed to start Jan 29th but didnt until feb 1....i took it every day until the 9th...I got my period the 11th which was like a week and a half early (im sure it was bc i stopped the pill) I had s_x the 5th and then again the i have been tired, moody, having to pee a lot, my stomach feels hard, back cramps, side cramps and dizziness...i duno when i am supposed to get my AF..but i test feb 28th and it was neg. If i got pregnant from having s_x the 5th would it have shown up by now? and what about the 17-21st? eeeek help me!


sara - March 4

You should definately test again.


Nikki - March 4

u think i might be preggers? I HOPE I AM!!!!!!!!!!! when should i test?


to nikki - March 4

if you are hoping to be pregnant then stop bc,also if you are it cause damage to your baby if you are still taking it.good luck(i agree you should test again)


jess - March 4

What kind of damage does BC do to the fetus? Will it cause you to miscarry?


Nikki - March 4

I actually stopped taking it before i had s_x and decided it was best to stop it until i knew for sure! thank you!! I will test this weekend with my friend who is 8 months pg! :-) BABY DUSST!


Grandpa Viv - March 4

The pill can give some preg symptoms, and stopping the pill can give more. With no pill in the picture the signs you list are good pregnancy indicators. I think you are right to take one or two more preg tests at one week intervals to figure out the true state of affairs. Good luck!


Nik - March 5

I took a HPT and it was Neg...still think it's too early to tell...not due for AF until the 11th maybe 13th...i duno bc my cycle is all screwed up! This is so frustrating!!!


Lyla - March 5

Hang in there girl, you will get your answers soon.


nikki - March 6

ahh i thanks, i hope af doesn't show up in 5-7 days!!



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