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ursula - January 14

I have had some really weird periods since I got off BCP last May. For the past 6 months I've had extremely light periods and a lot of spotting between periods, this was not at all normal for me. However, since last week I've had alot of cramping and finally started today. My cramps are so bad I just sent my DH to the store to get me a heating pad. I've taken Midol, but still the pain persists. Has anyone had a really really bad period before getting back to normal on your cycles after BCP?


charly - January 14

its called dysmeneria painful periods I didnt have this condition until after I had the depo provera injections and that was almost 9 years ago and now I have taken the progestrin shot and I havent been in pain since but I wont recommend it because I havent had a period since aug. and I have gained about 10 pounds . But what I do recommend is that you see an ob/gyn asap. For comfort cause it will be a while before your periods get back to normal and pain free. it took me two years before mine went back to normal.


ursula - January 14

Thanks... the heating pad has helped and I am definitely bleeding more tonight than I have in the last 6 months. We'll see how things continue..


ursula - January 15

Anyone else have this happen? I am on day 2 of the most awful cramps and bleeding....


DaBonkElsMe - January 15

Actually i had that happen to me BEFORE I went on BCP. I used to suffer so badly with cramps and then my flow would be heavy and it would often last for 6 or 7 days. The pain would start about 2 days before AF and continue through the first couple of days of getting it, which were also the heaviest bleeding. I was 16 when i went to the gyn and she put me on BCP to stop the pain, and it worked. I was worried about going back off BC when we began ttc b/c I thought those awful cramps would come back - but they didn't. i get cramps more than when I was on BC but not nearly as bad as before I even started them. So i guess this post isn't really helpful to you. I would suggest talking to your OB/GYN he/she might have a solution for the pain.



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