Question For Those Who Chart BBT

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TS - September 23

Does anyone know if it is possible to get pregnant if, after the temp. spike, temps. are on or below the coverline? I know it means low Progesterone so I started supplementing with Progesterone cream, for the last week my temps have been high of course, but does the fact that I had 3 low temps after ovulation mean I'm out of the running this month:( Any imput would be appreciated!! Thanks!


Erin - September 23

Honestly, it could. But there may be other things causing your low temps, so you really can't go by temps. For example, I'm on day 21 of high temps after ovulation. But I don't think I'm pg. I had what I thought was af (it was very short and very light) but my temps NEVER dropped. They're still the highest ever. So, temps aren't everything. Good luck to you and please keep us updated!


TS - September 23

Erin, thanks for responding! I've always wondered if temps. were always to be trusted...... Have you taken an hpt yet? 21 days of high temps. is a great sign!!! I'ts not unheard of to have a light period when you're pregnant. Good Luck to you!


Erin - September 23

I had a VERY faint positive hpt but then had a negative opk later (stark white), so I think the first was a false positive (it was very very VERY faint). My next period is due in less than two weeks, so if it doesn't show, I'll test again. Good luck with your chart!! You're not out yet =)


bumpity bump - September 23



anyone know?? - September 23

Does anyone know for long after ovulation your temps should stay high? I am about 10dpo, and my temps are sky hight right now (between 98.4-98.6), and yes, I am taking the temp very first thing when I wake up. Before ovulation my temps were around 97.8. I'm kindof new to the whole BBT thing, so if anyone who understands it could explain the high temp thing after ovulation. thanks


TS - September 23

for "anyone know" temps. should stay high for a minimum of 10 days up to around 17 days max, for a "normal" luteal phase. To Erin, a faint positive is still a POSITIVE!!!! Why would you take an opk? Doesn't that just test for LH before ovulation???? I am so excited for you, please keep me posted!!! Good Luck!


me - September 24

OPKs can detect HCG and LH since they are similar in structure. Pregnancy tests only detect the HCG because of an extra molecule attached to it. This little something extra on HCG is something that the OPK cannot detect. Stick with the pregnancy tests though...that is what they are made for! Good luck!


Erin - September 24

I've recently discovered I can't get a pink line on an opk at all, so maybe I'll go pick up a pg test just in case.


TO ERIN - September 24

to erin- you sound pregnant!! high temps for 21 days? short AF? and light positive on PG test? If I were you I would test again. You very well could be. Also, I read on a professional website that if your temps stay high 16 to 17dpo...then there is a very high chance that you are pregnant. ITs either that, or you are sick. good luck to you.



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