Question On OPKSs

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Becca - June 25

OK, here's my situation. I've always read that you O 12-36 hours after a positive opk, is that right? I got my positive opk on the 8th in the evening. I always have a 14 day lp, so I was sure that AF would have shown by yesterday. It is now the morning of the 25th. Stil no AF, and I tested bfn on hpt this morning, and my bbs are hurting much worse then yesterday. Is it possible that I actually O'd much later then the 12-36 hour time period? Anyone have a situation like this?


Happiness4e - June 25

Hi Becca, hope you are doing weel, i did not hear from you for a while now. as fr your setuation, why dont youwait another day or 2 and test again. it might be good news. i will cross my fingers for you. i wish to hear good news about you. good luck


soimpatient - June 25

Hey Becca, are you charting? (Sorry, I forget)...I have received a positive OPK before and never actually O'd...but that is because I have problems ovulating... I agree with Happiness...wait a couple of days and test again...or do what I do...stock up on tests and take one every day! Good luck Becca, I hope you bring us a bFP


Lin - June 25

Yes, it's definitely possible to have an LH spike (and hence positive opk), not actually ovulate and then ovulate later. If you really want to confirm that you've ovulated, then you might want to think about temping. It's the only practical way to confirm ovulation.


Becca - June 25

Thanks for the info girls. No, I'm not charting, but perhaps I should be. My dr seemed to think that a positive opk was proof enough that I was oing. I've also had an u/s and they saw two maturing follicles, so I think everything is ok in that department. In the past I've always gotten AF 14 days after getting a positive opk, so in the past they have always been accurate. I guess I just have to wait and see if she shows. I guess it is possible that this was a weird month and I ended up Oing 3 or 4 days after getting a positive opk. I don't know, but thanks for your help.


Lin - June 25

Well hey, look at it this way - if you ovulated late, then it's still possible for you to be pregnant and have just tested too early! Good luck!


Rhonda - June 25

Yes like Lin said,you could have tested to early.



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