Question On Ovulation Predictor Kit

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Ella - April 30

I have been using Ovulation Predictor Kit. On the first day of testing, I got a pale surge line.However, on day 2 & 3 of testing, no surge line has even shown up. What does it mean ? I always thought the surge line should remain the same or become darker as it gets close to ovulation. But in my case, it shows as pale blue the first day, then the lines totally disappear for the next 2 days. Anyone any idea ? Thanks !!


Kimberly - April 30

Hi Ella, I have often wondered the exact same thing. That happened to me earlier this month. I got the surge line and then tested the next day just to be sure, thinking the line would be darker the next day. Instead no line at all...those opk are so expensive I quit testing for the month thinking I must have missed my most fertile days. Hope someone responds who knows more than I do.


Heather - April 30

If you got a pale test line (no positive) than chances are you caught your LH surge on the way back down. You likely just missed the peek of the surge. On the good note, if you had s_x around that time you are probably covered. You will O 24-48 hours after the LH surge. Good luck!


stacey - April 30

what day do you start testing? Have you ever just continued to see what would happen- or do you quit after the 2 days of no lines?


Heather - April 30

Most ovulations kits you buy are a 6-7 day supply. They say if you are regular than you should start testing around cd 10.


Chila - April 30

I've been using the Answer Quick & Simple One Step Ovulation Test. This one has two red lines for detecting "O". It's a 7 day test kit. I bought it at Walgreens for $15.99. If holding the thumb grip with your left hand, the Reference line is on the right side and the test line in on the left. With this test, there is a chart that tells you when to start testing depending on the length of your cycle. For example, if your period begins every 27 days,you would start testing 10 days after the beginning of your last period. If the normal length of your cycle days is 28, you would test 11 days after your AF. If 29 days, start 12 days after AF, and if 30 days, start 13 days after AF, make sense? Most test will confirm that you have "O"'d if the reference line and test lines are the same color. As soon as you have confirmed you O'd stop testing okay! Good luck!


stacey - April 30

I had a hard time using them b/c I was trying them after a m/c, so didn't really know my cycle- changing. I also had a hard time deciding if the line was as dark as it should be- when I'd think I had it right, it didn't match up with my temps. So, I decided to go buy the Clear Blue Monitor- it's much easier- no guesswork involved.


Ella - May 1

Thanks everyone for the input. I am using the Clear Plan OPK. I continued with the testing for the next 3 days. Still no surge line (or very very pale line). My cycle is 32 days and I started 1st testing on day 11 which is way before the expected ovulation day. Is it possible that I missed the peak of the surge ?


Ella - May 1

Just want to let you know that I finally got a +ve surge line today (6th testing)


Kimberly - May 2

Way to go Ella.....get to it now!! LOL


Ella - May 2

Thanks Kimberly !!


Becky - May 2

Are there evap lines in opks too? I tested on Thursday... was just a very very pale line, then tested Friday at about 6pm, was a bit darker, but not tooo much. BD'd right after anyways ;), then went and looked at the test a few hours later that night and it showed pos... Couldn't test till late Saturday night, so I don't think that one is valid (was neg...very light line again), and test on sunday was also neg. But the none of those three confirmed negs got darker later like the one on Friday. I've had lotiony CM, but no EWCM. Any thoughts?


stacey - May 2

Becky i'd wait a few more days and keep testing. lotiony cm usually means o is on the way. Watery or ewcm are the ones that are good for sperm so that's what you usually have during ovulation. I wouldn't count the pos after the time unless it was w/in the 10 minutes usally aloted for the tests. good luck!



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