Question On Temps

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Grace - December 4

Do any of you ladies know if having the same exact temp for 7 days in a row and then up a tenth a sign of preg? I have read if it stays up for 18 days it is a sign but not heard if a consistant temp. is a sign. I am due for af around dec 13th. When do you think would be a good time to test? I am so hoping this is the month!


Colleen - December 5

if it is a consistently HIGH temperature then it is a good sign and if it continues that way until afert AF is due then you're probably pregnant. try testing from 4 days b4 AF is due some women are able to get BFP by then. Good Luck!


Anna B. - December 5

Hi Grace! I was wondering the same thing. My temp went down before O to 97.2 and then up to 97.9 then around my pre-O range of 97.6. Last Thursday it went back down to 97.2 and it has been at 97.6 since then. I'm hoping the second dip was implantation since it was on 6 dpo. My temps haven't really sky rocketed though - they are just back to pre-O range. Is this a bad sign???


Hilli - December 5

HI. I had implantation dip at 6 dpo and got my bfp. Good luck to you. If you go to Fertility Friend site, you can view the "implantation dip" charts.


Anna - December 5

Hilli - thanks for the info. Did you temps go way above your pre-O range???


Hilli - December 5

No, they didn't get really high like I thought they would. They just hovered around the coverline and then 6 dpo had the big dip that went below coverline and then back to where they had been before dip.


Anna B. - December 5

Hilli - thank you SO much for your response. You gave me hope! I'm still not going to get my hopes up too much b/c I don't want to get disappointed. Also, I've been having more cm than usual and it has lasted since just before O and never stopped. It's kinda watery/lotiony right now (I know tmi!) Did you have anything similar??? What other "symptoms" did you have before AF was due? Thanks again for all of you help!



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