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MissMoni - September 23

hey guys. i need help. i think im pregnant! but i'm not really sure. my husband and I aren't really trying to get pregnant. but we're not using protection to prevent it. Here's my problem! The date of my last period was Aug.17.2007, today is September 23.2007 and my period hasnt showed up YET! I believe on the 18 I had some small bleeding (it wasn't alot, it seemed almost like a streak of blood. not even enough to use a tampon) and that's all the blood i've seen since! I took a HPT, and both times it came out negative! I've had some small stomach c__ps(almost like my period was here.)But it's not! Is it too early to take a test? Can someone help me PLEASE?!!


GimmeaBub - September 23

hey missmoni some postive hpts take a little longer to show up, that streak of blood could have been implantation bleeding, the best time to take a test is usually about a week after AF , is your cycle usually regular? If you want to know for sure go to your dr and have a blood test drawn, how about any symptoms? Best of Luck :)


clm0513 - September 23

Hi, Miss Moni: I too started my period on Aug. 17th and still have no signs of my period....Early last week I was having very noticable stomach cramping and my lower stomach was almost sore..It would hurt when I stood up, etc. I also have been having dreams every night which is very uncommon for me...I took a hpt Friday morning but it was negative...Does anyone think that could have been too early? Is it still possible that I (we) could be pregnant?


MissMoni - September 23

Hey clm0513. well, my cramps aren't really bad. just mild. and I sort of feel pain in my chest area. Almost like i have heartburn. I don't want to get any more HPT's until i think would be the right time to test again, but i'm really nervous about testing again...


Grandpa Viv - September 23

Weird cramps, late or light period, heartburn are signs. How about tired, peeing, lotion discharge, diarrhea, acne, appet_te, smells, emotions, dreams, runny nose, b___bs, nips, dizzy, nausea, short of breath, or anythng else that is like PMS but not acting like normal? Test weekly using first morning pee. Good luck!


MissMoni - September 24

I have most of those symptoms actually! I'll wait another week I guess then test again.


clm0513 - September 24

The weird thing with me is that I had so many symptoms last week and they have definitely died down now...I still get a cramp every now and then but nothing like I had last week....My b___bs are a little sore, though....I was tempted to do a test this morning but decided to wait a few more days before testing again...Let me know how things go with you... ;-)



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