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chelle - October 5

i've read on here that when some girls are ovulating that they get clops of CM. my question is i used to get that, but now that i've been on birth control pills for a month it doesn't do that anymore when i'm ovulating. is that normal or a sign of something? also do you get cramping like your period when you're ovulating?


des - October 5

do your b___sts hurt when you're ovulating?


krob - October 5

borth control stops ovulation and mess Cm but since you are first month on the pill your system is probably just getting use to the pill


chelle - October 5

birth control really stops ovulation?


AMY - October 5

birth control tricks your body to believe it is pregnant, that is why you don't get pregnant while on birth control.. It can take about 3 months or so for your body to get used to the birth control so it is still wise to use protection.


chelle - October 5

so if i started it around the 29th of august and the doc also put me on "keflex" that same day too and around the 9th of september i messed around with a guy rubbing genitals together but didnt have actual penetration then the birth control pills should of taken effect before then and possibly protected me right?


to chelle - October 5

For your own safety, please educate yourself before having any sort of s_x. antibiotics decerase the effect of the pill so no you are not protected. the pill alters your body so you do not ovulate. even though you are on the pill it does not protect from stds. please be careful and d your homework before anything bad happens to you. be careful. good luck!


alicia - October 6

i was reading some of you guys responses to her question... and my question is this if the birth control pill makes you stop ovulating, then will you get a bunch of cm on your underwear like you might of before you started the pill? also will the pills really make your b___sts hurt around the time you should be ovulating?



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