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pinkie - March 26

I am expecting my cycle either mon or tue (3/27-3/28). last night maybe 1am or so I went to the bathroom and when I wiped i saw a brownish discharge(kind of dark brown). it was about the amount of discharge you would see when you wipe during your cycle. Afterwards when I wiped again (and still today) I see brown but much less of it and its lighter. However when I swabbed myself (I inserted a sterile q-tip swab thingie to see what it looked like) the discharge was the same color brown as i saw last night. This has never happened before. so i went this afternoon and bought a hpt. It wasnt (of course ) using first morning urine and I had just been to the potty a few hours earlier (not sure if that matters or not.) but anyhow it was negative. Im nevouse now cause im not sure if it was accurate or not. Do you think its possible that i still might be preg? If not has anyone else experienced something similar and not been pregnant? And lastly anyone want to play "the waiting game" with me to see what happens?


Lin - March 26

Yes, it's possible if you're just spotting, but it's also possible that it's due to your period being about to start. Your cycle, by the way, refers to the time from the 1st day of your period to the 1st day of the next period. It does not refer to the period itself.


pinkie - March 26

Thats true, but I hate this waiting part. I guess by Mon or Tue I should know something more concrete if I dont get a normal "flow" by tomorrow night then I'm going to test again Tues. morning.


mckenzie - March 26

HI pinkie. I will like to play the waiting game with you. Af is due by tue the latest for me. I haven't experience any spotting but am keeping my finger cross that this month is our month.


pinkie - March 26

thanks ...have you had any syptoms or signs in either direction yet?


Emma2 - March 26

Most likely impending AF. Many women spot days before thier period comes which follows with your heavier red flow. Spotting is not considered you period , your period is only when its red.


pinkie - March 26

ok just kind of an update....i went to the potty and wipd no more brown "stuff" but there's still a little inside of me because i did another little "swab test" i just have to wait thru tomorrow to see what happens.


mckenzie - March 27

This am early I had some really sharp pain in my abdomen it actually woke me up. For the rest of the am so far am feeling ok. I am so anxious thou. I am constantly wondering if or not am feeling af cramps. Sometimes I wonder if obsessing causes af to really show her ugly face. Well I will check back with you later because right now am at school. Good luck girl were still in for the waiting game. By the way when are you planning on testing and how long have you been ttc. This month will make one year for me. Baby dust


pinkie - March 27

Well, I'm not ttc, it just sort of happened and I sort of had this feeling that it was going to happen and low and behold I get this spotting and still no af, so now I'm waiting to see if my intuition is right or not. I was planning on testing first thing tomorrow morning, but I might wait until Wed. depending on how anxious I am tomorrow. Tues. are kind of busy for me so I'm thinking maybe that will help me keep my mind off of it until Wed morning. When are you going to test? Oh and kind of off topic and I hope its not to nosey, but what's your major? is it grad school or undergrad? I just finished up my bachelors and i plan on goin gback to get my MBA in about a year or so


mckenzie - March 28

Well af arrived as usual. I am graduating with my RN degree am thinking on starting in august for my BSN. What was your major and when are you planning on testing.


pinkie - March 28

my major was sociology with a minor in criminal justice...well, no af so far so i plan on testing tomorrow morning first thing since now i am officailly late..ill post when i get my results....and good luck/baby dust to you for next month!!!! I hope april does it for you


pinkie - March 29

ok i did the hpt this morning and i got a bfn...still no af tho so i guess back to more waiting to see if if shows if not i guess i'll test long should i wait to test again? right now im a day or two late i think af was due on monday but theres a possibility that it was due on tue...boy this waiting sure does suck!


Emma2 - March 29

Pinkie- You should wait 2 -3 days because HCG doubles every 3 days. Good Luck


pinkie - March 29

thanks emma2, ill probably give it until sunday morning if af hasnt come by then then it will be about almost a week late



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