Questions About Hardening Tummy

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Becky - March 2

Can anyone please explain the hardened tummy to those of us with (maybe) first time pregnancies? I wasn't really in the habit of feeling my tummy much before this time, so I'm not sure what to expect. Where is the exact area you should feel it hardening (where exactly is considered the bikini line), and at how many weeks pg? What does it feel like (besides "hard" :-P) ? Is the outside of the uterus bumpy or smooth? How far should your hand press down before feeling it? What is the best position to be in to feel it? standing? sitting? laying down? .............. I'll let you know how mine feels: I could be anywhere from 3 1/2 to 16 1/2 weeks preggo. Been trying for a while and have had symptoms but no positive, yet. About two weeks ago I noticed that it was getting a bit harder a few inches below my belly button. I do have a little pooch (which has gotten a bit bigger recently), but it doesn't feel as...flabby(?) as it use to. I press in about a half inch and I feel something firm (hard to type the shape here :-P). it is easier to tell when I am standing or laying down. Any advice/comments would be appreciated.


T - March 2

I would like to know aswell


MandyD - March 2

Ditto - I'm having the same problem (or not a problem if I'm pregnant!). My belly is getting bigger, and firmer, between my belly b___ton and pubic bone. I'm not sure how to tell what your uterus feels like, but I think I feel mine too. All tests have been negative though, so I don't know if I'm pregnant or not. I'm like you...could be anywhere from a few weeks to like 13 weeks! I'd like an answer on this as well!


bump - March 2



nina - March 2

Becky, i am in the same boat as u. i feel exactly harder below my neval while standing.


sarie_gracie - March 2

my tummy feels harder under my fat (heehee!) and kinda like where I think my ovaries are feels harder and tender too.


to sarie - March 2

in what week r u??


jessica - March 2

i feel some hardening in my abdomen too and sometimes even tightness, like right above my pelvic bone a few inches below my bellow b___ton, if i am pg i would be about 4 weeks but i thought you couldnt feel it that early..i dunno.


sarie_gracie - March 2

I don't know if I am preg. -- hope so -- I figure anywhere between 3 -6 weeks. Hopefully I am not just going crazy!


Becky - March 3

Can anyone who's been pregnant before and knows the answers help those of us on this thread out? :)


Sarah Anne - March 3

I have a sister who has been pregnant five times, and she said that she felt her belly harden around 6 weeks with her 1st baby. She said that everyone is different though (as we all know), but that is all she would tell me. Wish I could help me, but I am in the same boat with everyone here! =)


Sarah Anne - March 3

hehe, I meant to say 'help out' guess I am too busy thinking of my own belly, eh!


shaz - March 4

mine is harder on right side.think im 14 weeks



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