Questions About Some Symptoms

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Jen - July 20

Me and my b/f recently had unprotected s_x for the first time, a couple of days after I got off of my last period (which is usually on a 28-30 day cycle). About a week and a half later, I started having stomach aches and was feeling quite hungry all the time, but when I started to eat my stomach would hurt even worse. Because of this, my boyfriend assumed that I might be pregnant. He did not ejaculate inside of me and had not m____eed, but I know that prec_m can still contain sperm sometimes. Within the last few days, I have had some va___al discharge (I have bought some medication to treat a yeast infection, just started using it though so not sure if that is what is causing this or not). I have also been feeling tired alot lately, though I have also been working more than normal and am kinda stressed out on top of everything. I took a pregnancy test after hearing that sometimes they can tell if you're pregnant as soon as a week after conception and it turned up negative, but I do not believe that they can acutally be that accurate. I am not due for my period for about another week to week and a half, but I was wondering if these symptons, and based on the fact that my b/f did not ejaculate inside of me, seem like pregnancy symptons or maybe just stress symptons? Any input would be greatly appreciated, thank you!


rach - July 20

sounds to me you could have ibs, irritable bowel syndrome i have that and it can often be mistaken for pregancy symptoms.feeling sick after eating a chrning or fluttering in the stomach, feeling bloated diahorrea, constipation and cramps trust me they are bad symptoms to have wen your ttc


Jen - July 20

Thanks for the info rach, I am going to the doc on Monday regarding this. Anyone else have any input on my symptoms?


Heather - July 20

It seems to me that since you had s_x just a few days after your last period the chances of you being pregnant are slim, you ovulate with a 28th cycle on the 13th day, sperm can only likve in you at most 5 days so if you had s_x on day 7 like you say (day one being the first day of your period) even if the sperm stayed in you for 5 days you would be short one day. The chances of this happening when he didnt even "finish" you are most likely not pregnant.



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