Questions On Cervix Position

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sarahd - August 3

Hi all, I just started temping and all that this month, and I tried to check my cervix today just to get an idea of what it feels like - I can't find it! Isn't it supposed to be low during your period or do I have that backwards? I'm on cd2, and my period has already almost stopped - only a TINY bit of blood on my finger (sorry tmi) but none on my pad for 4-5 hours - very strange for me, but assuming it's just b/c this is only my 2nd period since coming off bcps. Anyway, any help on the cervix thing would be greatly appreciated....


DownbutnotOUT - August 3

I found this info and im just copying and pasting: During the beginning of the cycle, the menstrual bleeding, the cervix is normally low and hard and slightly open to allow the blood flow out. It feels like the tip of your nose. I normally don’t check it during menstruation, simply because of the mess. After the bleeding stops the cervix remains low and hard and the os - the opening to the uterus - remains closed. This will change the closer to ovulation you approach. The cervix rises up to the top of the v____a and becomes softer and softer. At the height of ovulation the cervix feels more like your lips than your nose and the os are open to allow sperm to enter in. Sometimes the cervix seems to disappear - which, of course, it has simply become so soft it blends in with the v____a walls and rises so high that the finger cannot touch it. This is known as SHOW - soft, high, open and wet. Once ovulation occurs the cervix drops to low and firm - once again feeling like the tip of your nose. And the os become tightly closed. (The os in a woman who has given birth v____ally will feel more open at all times because of the stretching that occurred at the birth of her baby.) This can happen right away after ovulation to several hours to several days. Again, each woman is unique and needs to find these things out over a several month time frame. When pregnancy occurs, the cervix will rise up and become soft, yet the os will remain tightly closed. This occurs at different times in different women. Some women may find that twelve days after ovulation their cervix will do this and is a probable pregnancy sign. Others won’t experience this until well after the pregnancy has been confirmed. Hope the info helps :)


sarahd - August 3

Huh, wonder why mine would be so high that I can't feel it then? My bleeding was medium heavy yesterday - no clots but I had cramping, so I feel like it was a real period. It is virtually gone now, but I've always heard if you bleed early pregnancy it's light, correct?


Lin - August 4

All those descriptions you find on the internet about what your cervix is supposed to be like at different times of the month don't mean a thing. For example, low and *hard* during your period? Nope, mine is the absolute softest it ever gets during my period - sometimes so soft that it blends into the walls of the v____a and is hard to tell apart - and *far* softer than it ever gets during ovulation. I've also had a high and soft cervix all the way from ovulation to menstruation, and it's *supposed* to go low and firm. Mine has literally *never* been as described in the textbook scenario. Sarahd - don't convince yourself that that wasn't a normal period, because it's probalby quite normal - especially after all the hormone disruption due to quitting the pill. I personally have not had a single period longer than a couple days since I quit the pill, and mine were 3-4 days on the pill and 5-7 days before I started it. A single period that only lasts a few days is just a strange period, though I think just about every single person on this forum has questioned a light period at least once when they first started ttc.


sarahd - August 4

Thanks Lin - no I'm not convincing myself that - from when it first came I KNEW it was a real period. I just know. I was just wondering all this b/c I'm trying to start charting and everything and wanted some info. After the last month I had I believe coming off the pill can do just about ANYTHING to your body! At least this time it's a NICE symptom! I've never had a period shorter than four days before, so this is great! :)


dmk - August 4

Lin- When you feel for the opening of your cervix, is it suppose to be centered in the middle? As mine is more off to the right side of my body. Thanks!


Praying4ababy - August 4

dmk, mine is similar to yours. It's never just straight up.


Grandpa Viv - August 4

Just for the heck of it, Sarah, do a preg test Sunday morning first pee. An unusally light period is a good starter sign, even if you have no others (fatigue, appet_te?). They say not to use cervix position as an indication of pregnancy, but what you are describing does not sound like proper menstruation. Good luck!


Lin - August 5

Sarah - That's for d__n sure! Quitting the pill can make your body go nuts. I had every pregnancy symptom in the book during my first four months or so off the pill. Thankfully, it seems to have settled now. Dmk - The position to the right or left isn't significant with respect to your cycle. That's probably just a manifestation of the fact that our bodies are not quite symmetrical. What you're more concerned with is how high it's positioned (essentially how easy it is to reach). Make sure you wash your hands before you try to find it!


ShineLikeMine - August 4

Dr. Madhumita Avinash Paul replied April 4th, 2012 Pregnancy Answer A33526 Hi, Welcome to ehealthforum, The cervix position is high, open and soft when you are closer to ovulation. On the day of ovulation, you can experience bleeding/spotting. If the intercourse has been closer to the ovulation time, and if fertile mucus has been present, then sperms can stay alive for 3-5 days (if s____n of pre-c_m has come in contact with v____a) which can result in pregnancy. Observe the cervical mucus and cervix position (it will remain high closed and firm if you are pregnant). Maintain BBT chart to help identifying the changes. Wait and watch for your periods. If periods do not start within 18-20 days after ovulation, or if you do not get your periods within 10 days of expected period date, or if you develop new symptoms suggestive of pregnancy, you should consider visiting your doctor/gynecologist at the earliest for thorough examination (to confirm pregnancy related changes/signs in body) and blood/serum HCG level test (to confirm/rule out pregnancy accurately). Visit your doctor/gynecologist for further evaluation and a__sistance. If you are not ready for pregnancy, but intend to remain s_xually active, you should consider getting started on suitable regular birth control measures to be protected (after your periods). Avoid unprotected s_xual contact within 2-3 weeks of getting started on hormonal contraceptive (as most of the hormonal contraceptives start giving you effective protection after 2-3 weeks). Be regular with birth control use as instructed. Avoid having unprotected s_xual contact if you are not ready for pregnancy. Be in regular monitoring and follow-up with your treating doctor/gynecologist and report any new/abnormal symptoms immediately. Drink plenty of water. Take adequate rest. Maintain healthy diet. Take care.



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