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Jas - February 1

So if i don't ovulate that means i am preggie? are you suppose to be dry before ovulation? (like about 3-4 days before ur suppose to ovulate) i had one small blob today.. wans't sure if it smell sicne my nose is stuffed, but it looked kinda yellowish.. kinda thick. don't think it's sticky.. what's the meaning of that?


jas - February 1



J - February 1

You need to ovulate to fall pregnant.. you cannot fall pregnant without ovulating...


Jas - February 1

but what if I am preggie already? so will i still be ovulating this month?


Prep - February 1

Do you know what OVULATION IS????? if your pregnant why worry about that


Jas - February 1

because i don't wanna get preggie and i have all these symptoms.. but had my period aroudn the 19th and ended aroudn the 25th but it's common to have period while ur preggie... so i wanna get everything cleared up.. so by the look of it.. if i am preggie i won't ovulate?! geeze! people ask question for a reason! ><''


Rae - February 2

Well if you don't want to get pregnant use PROTECTION!!!!!! don't rely on timing etc!! These people are trying to help I think your just a silly little girl that needs to grow up


jas - February 2

well sorry for sound rude.. but i did use protection.. condom, but it cracked.. and it's not my fualt it cracked..(so now im worried) anyways im just asking a question...


Michelle W - February 2

Jas - to answer your question: If you are pregnant - no you won't ovulate. I normally get quite a bit of discharge before ovulation. It normally is quite sticky (i.e., it doesn't stretch), then it goes creamy and stretchy and finally in the most fertile period it goes clear and stretchy and then back to creamy and sticky again. However, I would suggest that not ovulating does not automatically mean that you are pregnant, there may be other reasons for it. You are right, there are plenty of women who still get their period while they are pregnant. Your best bet is probably to take a test (although there are quite a lot of women on this site who are pregnant but get negative tests for a while). By the look of it you had trouble getting this question answered, hopefully I have been of some help.


jas - February 2

thanks michelle!


sam - February 4

to Rae, people don't come on this sight to be chastised for their actions they come here out of concern and to get a better understanding of how their body works. Please don't be rude. If you don't approve of someones actions don't answer the question there are tons of other questions on this site that might be more appropiate for you.



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