Quick Advice Needed Pls Hospital This Afternoon

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AndreaD - January 25

I have a Pelvic Ultrasound this afternoon (Internal & External) to check my ovaries. All signs predict that there is nothing wrong with them, as I ovulate very regularly and have no symptoms of PCOS. I am on 10 DPO today, and just wanted some reassurance that if I have conceived this cycle, the internal one won't be damaging. I think they know when my LMP was, so I presume it's not, but don't want to take any chances... Thank you


2ndtimeround - January 25

Nope, relax, I'm pretty sure the u/s wont do anything. Take a deep breath. =) GL


wantingmyfirst - January 25

Hi Andrea, I recently had a pelvic ultrasound same as yours (internal / external) and although it seems invasive it really isnt. The internal probe is not placed very far inside at all and the whole exam took about 5-10 mins at the very most. Just let them know your concerns, I am sure they wouldnt do the ultrasound if it would in any way affect your chances. I remember reading recently that ultrasounds are harmless when done for short periods of time - pregnant wormen have them as part of routine care. By the way, my results came out fine - same as u i ovulate regularly and have no PCOS symptoms. They did say that one ovary was bigger than the other - but apparently that is normal!!! I do have incredibly painful periods however, and the ultrasound was just one of the steps I had to take to for pre-conception check up. My Doctor referred me back to my gyno / who happens to be a fertility specialist - and we are yet to discuss with her whether or not laprascopic surgery is recommended to look for endometriosis. The funny thing is - endometriosis clears up when you get pregnant (usually) but it can also stop you from becoming pregnant! urgh! let us know how you go - -- best of luck---


AndreaD - January 25

Thanks everyone. I will update you later on this afternoon. I think I'll probably need a lap, as I had a Pelvic Infection years ago when I was 18, so I think this may have caused some problems. Having said that, my HSG was all clear - no blocked tubes. It's confusing because I don't have any signs of endo really - not unbearbly painful periods or anything like that. Maybe I'm going to be one of those annoying 'Unexplained' cases !


Megs - January 25

Good luck!! I have known several people, personally, that have had internal/external U/S performed during early pregnancy... :-) Let us know how it goes!



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