R There Any Christmas Testers In Here

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mommyof3stepmommyof2 - December 14

I will be testing around the 23rd at that time I will be 14 DPO any one else testing close to that date that would like to wait with me?


annmarie - December 15

Oh I wish!! I'm just waiting to O so if that goes as scheduled I'll only be about 7 dpo on christmas day. Good luck to you though! What a wonderful Christmas gift that would be!!!!


billsgirl - December 15

hey i am testing the 21st. i wasnt supposed to o until the 9th, but i think i o'd early, prob around the 5th. who knows, but so far this month i am having some new symtoms. especially the gas. i am never a ga__sy person but a couple days this week it was so hard to hold it in at work!! so embarrasing. ive also been very nauseous in the mornings and super sleepy. what are your symtoms?


AshB - December 16

I will be testing around Christmas, I never even really thought about it though that would kind of a cool gift, huh? I just recently started to wonder if I concieved this month, we weren't trying, I've been on BCP as a matter of fact, and I have a 1yr old little boy, so we weren't planning on ttc-ing again for another 2 yrs after I graduate from nursing school. So I'm very nervous. It would definitely throw a kink in our plans, but we would be happy anyway. I'm so nervous and anxious though right now! But I guess it will be around the 23rd also.


mommyof3stepmommyof2 - December 16

My temps this month has just been crazy. But I have an appointment with my GYN on the 19th I will be 11DPO then and I guess I will know if I have the chadwick's sign then LOL. Just waiting it out. This morning I had the weirdest feeling when I was brushing my teeth. The taste of my tooth paste gagged me and just the thought of brushing my teeth was making me sick. After about 2-3 hours I was feeling better but still not the greatest. My b___bs hurt like you know what which is a little early this month because normally they dont start hurting until a day or so before my af. My dh said they are pretty heavy for this time in my cycle so who knows. I will either find out on the 19th or I will be testing on the 23rd. Just in time to put it in dh's stocking if it is positive.


bbdreams - December 16

Hi ladies...I'll wait with you! I'm pretty sure I o'd today(could be happening tomorrow too though) going by ewcm and timing. So I'm hoping to NOT see af about Dec 30th! Guess I can't test till close to that time, but I'd love the company on the sucky 2 week wait lol! Baby dust to all!!!


mommyof3stepmommyof2 - December 17

bbdreams welcome and I hope we all get our bfp's. I took an OPK this morning and it was positive within 30 seconds and then I took an HPT Fact plus one and it was a faint very faint positive in like 5 minutes. I am not wanting to look to much into it until I go to the doctor Wednesday. How is everyone else doing? Any symptoms?


jamie.s - December 17

Hello! I am cd 21 and should get af or a positive test on Christmas day. I have a reliable 28 day cycle, but this is my first month on clomid so it may throw that off some. I have had some weird physical symptoms the last few days... a bit of a bloody nose, sore nipples, a bit nausous after I eat. These are all preg. symptoms & I have never felt that way before. Trying not to get too excited about it. We've been ttc for 2 years. No children. It's nice to have someone to wait with!!! Good luck everyone!!!!


bbdreams - December 17

Thanks for the welcome!! I actually think I'm o-ing today as I have more ewcm and mild cramping. We bd all weekend so hopefully there are lots of sperm laying in wait for the eggie! LOL!


billsgirl - December 17

well i dont know why i did it but i went to the dollar store after work and bought a test and i got a bfn. i knew it was wayy to early to test. i thought i might have had a chance at a bfp... oh well,, i bout a total of 3. i want so bad to hold out until saturday but with my track record that isnt going to work. i am still haveing small on and off cramps and an abundance of cm. my bb's are so sore on the side and i swear i thik my nips are darker! maybe its my mind playiing tricks on me. how is everyone else holding up?


billsgirl - December 17

oh btw.. jamie, a bloody nose, or a little blood when yuo b__w is a great sign. i googled it one day and something to do with the sinuses swelling is a preg sign. i forget exactly what but i definately heard that its a good sign!


billsgirl - December 17

omg!!!! mommyof3stepmommyof2!!! i just read what you posted about the pos hpt!!!!!!! oh i am soo excited for you!! how could you not go out and buy 5 more?!!!! i so hope this is it for you1!!


mommyof3stepmommyof2 - December 17

trust me billsgirl it is hard as heck not to take the rest of the test I have in the bathroom. But I think the only reason I am able to hold back is because I have a dr's appointment on Wednesday and I know that he will know when he does my pap. I think we all should schedule our annual paps around the time you are suppose to start your af or test and that way we could hold out a little longer. LOL instead of it being called an annual pap it would be a monthly pap for us. Just a thought. Sorry about your BFN but it is still really early and you never know what you might get on Saturday. I will pray for all of us.


billsgirl - December 17

no kidding!! thats a good way to get us to actually look forward to the pap test! god i hate those. im always afraid that they are going to pinch me with the spectrum when they are taking it out!!!


mommyof3stepmommyof2 - December 17

I hear ya on that one. I get that all the time every month when I get my IUI's done if patty does them instead of melanie. But this month we had to go all natural since the doctors office had a main water break and had to clear the office of all equiptment. If this positive is a real one then it is a true miracle baby.


billsgirl - December 17

oh my!!!! thats so awesome! what exactly is iui? sorry i dont mean to be ignorant. is that like invetro?


mommyof3stepmommyof2 - December 17

sort of it is intrauterine insemination basically they wash my dh's little men and put them in a syringe and put them straight into my uterus to await the eggie. that is the short version LOL



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