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lmeyer - June 17

Ok ladies - here we go. I am sooo confused. I need some serious support and guidance. I was suppose to start my period on the 14th. It came (or what I thought was my period) on the 16th. I have had a very precise 19 day cycle for the past 2 years. So on the 16th I had a little pink in the morning then nothing the rest of the day. A little brown the next morning, and nothing sense then. My periods are usually heavy flow for 5-6 days, so this was VERY unusual for me. My bb's are sore, but usually are around this time of my period. I have not experienced any headaches. I have been going to the bathroom much more than usual. I am 34 and my dh and I really really really want to get pregnant. I would love to hear from some of the "older'" women out there and their signs of pregnancy. I'm confused because I'm thinking that maybe these changes are due to my recent change in diet and exercise. I have also been having lower abdominal cramping, nothing painful, just feels like slight cramps. Could this be? I think I'm like 2weeks passed ov.


lmeyer - June 17

Somebody out there PLEASE respond!!


guest - June 17

Take a test!!!!


bethtwo - June 17

you may want to specify the age you are looking for. what does "older" mean? you may get a response.


Lin - June 18

Hi lmeyer, I'm also 34 and ttc #1 (though we took the last two months off). Diet changes can definitely affect your period, particularly if you're trying to lose weight, so try not to get your hopes up. That way it'll be a nice surprise if you actually are pregnant! Have you tested yet? It's plenty late to test. Good luck! I hope you get your bfp! If it turns out you're not pregnant, then you may want to start temping to determine your luteal phase length. If your cycles really are 19 days, it's entirely possible that you have a luteal phase defect, where it's not long enough to sustain a pregnancy. You don't need to do it long-term. One or two months should be plenty to give you an idea of whether it's a problem or not (and if it is, there are ways to correct it). It's just as possible that your luteal phase is fine, but it's worth checking out. Again, good luck!


lmeyer - June 18

Thanks Lin. I will test this week. What does cm stand for?


Lin - June 18

cm = cervical mucous, ewcm = egg white cervical mucous, dpo = days past ovulation, af = aunt flo = period, dh/f/b = dear husband/fiance/boyfriend, lp = luteal phase, fp = follicular phase, and my mind is drawing a blank on the rest...


linds99 - June 19

Lin may be right, you really need to start temping...19 day cycles are rather short. You need 10 days + to have a healthy luteal phase to sustain a child. With that said, if you have a 10+ luteal phase, worst case scenario it is 10, that would put your ovulation at cycle day 9 (nine being the day you ovulate.) However, you really need to have this looked at and confirmed if in fact you are arent' preggers this month, just to make sure that it is alright. Anyway, good luck, I hope you are pregnant and awesome if it happened so fast for you.


lmeyer - June 19

I have gone back and recalculated. I was counting the days from the last day of my period to the day the next period begins. I now understand that is not right. My cycles are 25 days. I am still not clear on this ovulation thing. The O calculator says that I should ovulate again on Sunday. If this is true, when should hubby and I bd? When after that should I test?



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