R U Pregnant Tell Me Your Symptoms

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Rachel - September 28

New to "wanting/waiting" to be pregnant-if you are already pregnat-share your symptoms with me! PLEASE!!


Suebecca - September 28

I haven't had major symptoms... but here they are: minor, stretching cramps (kinda feel like someone is inside me pushing on my lower stomach w/ their hands), bloating, a touch of fatigue, missed af (6 days late), spotting (which may or may not be a sign of IB- who knows?). I have my first doc's appt. on Monday, 10/3. I tested on 9/23 and 9/24 and both got bfps. I was around 14 dpo when I tested. Have you tested yet?


Rachel - September 28

Last period=August 16th Ovulation=approx Sept 16-18th (My cycle is EXTREMELY LOOOONNNNGG!) Haven't tested yet. How many days after ovulation should I wait? I am expecting AF to arrive approx 9-30 or 10-1. My cycles are crazy-approx 35-47 days. So, when I calculate AF & ovulation I ALWAYS go by 47 days! I do not have a doctor (she recently moved) I just am curious when to test?


trumpet_babe - September 28

I had s_x with my boyfriend on a sunday and that next day I had some spotting and I've heard thats a sign of pregnancy. Im also on the pill and I've heard you can spot while you're on the pill. That's really the only symptom I've had. I'm still really worried though.


Alyssa - September 28

I'm 15 dpo and PG. Today I am experiencing EXTREME bloatiness :) I feel fat! Also, lots of "twinges" and cramping. Back pain. CM is LOTS and sometimes a very faint yellow color. Veins on chest, BB, legs, and sides of stomach. Stuffy nose. Hope that helps!


Erica - September 28

do your nipple itch.


Rachel - September 28

No itching nipples. Just a tingly feeling-like pins (kind when your leg falls asleeep) I just bought a PG test. I bought a FACT PLUS (2 pack) just in case!


Lee - September 28

I had s_x with my hub on 9/13. Since that day my b___st felt funny sensations. For the last two days I have had sharp pains deep under the nipple. I am having a lot of menstral cramp pain- just a little bit more intense then usual. This adominal pain and pulling sensation has occured for the last 10 days. Then this morning I had my "period." At least that was what I thought. When I pulled out the tampon, there was hardly anything there, just light brown and a streak of bright blood. Thats it. The rest of the inside is now real dry. I really didn't think I could get pregant on that 9/13 since my cervical mucus was a cloudy white. The really scary thing about the possibility of me being pregnant is that my husband had a vasectomy reversal 3 months ago after 26 years of getting it. At surgery they said they did not see any sperm but his seminal fluid was favorable for a possible return. Well, I don't believe it! I still don't. We never had a s____n a___lysis because we had a financial break, after years of security, due to a severe business loss. If I am pregnant I will be completely b__wn out of the water. If I am , I can tell you all one thing it does not feel much different then pms except it usually stops after the first 24 hours of my period. It's been 12 hours and already I have no sign of blood, and still all the b___st and abdominal sensations. Am I pregnant??


Rachel - September 28

I am very emotional. I am crying over everything. Common in pregnancy? I am not usually emotional during AF.



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