Rapid Pulse

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Gena K - May 2

Ok - I was on an excercise program during the last year and my pulse is checked during every workout session. It normally has run at about 65 - 70 bpm resting. For the last few weeks, my resting pulse rate has been between 90 and 100. Today it was 113. My trainer is confused because my pulse rate should just be getting better. I want to run in the upcoming marathon, but he is worried that something might be wrong with my heart. I had unprotected s_x about two months ago. I took a test when my period was late, but it was negative. So I forgot about it. My periods since then have been weird and short, but I have still had them. When I googled erratic periods and rapid pulse I got a lot of info on pregnancy. If I am pregnant, I am not yet showing. I do not feel sick. My br___ts are tender and sore, but I have sensitive br___ts. I just want to know if a very rapid pulse is a sign of pregnancy and what causes it. This seems to be a caring and understanding board from what I have read. I would appreciate your comments and advice. Thank you!


Mel - May 2

Actually chinese medicine uses rapid pulse as a way to diagnose pregnancy. Take another test...I think you will see a positive.


Gena K - May 3

Thank you so much Mel! And you were right! I took another HPT this morning and it was POSITIVE! I am in shock actually. I am really not sure what to do. I mean - I know I will have the baby and love the baby. I have always liked babies. I don't really like teenagers. LOL! But it will be mine so I will love it right? Do your own children annoy you as much as other people's. Sorry. That is a weird question, but I have never had kids before. My friend said I will love my child. I am sure I will. This shouldn't be this complicated. Is it normal to wonder if you will love your own child? I must still be in shock. I cannot believe I am pregnant. Ok - I have rambled enough. Thank you for your help and let me know if there is anything you want to know. Baby dust!


Hey - May 5

Don't worry Gena - you will ADORE your child. Everyone is scared about things sometimes - just let it sink in and congratulations! How old are you, btw?



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