READ ME Please I Need Help ASAP

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Jennifer - April 21

About 2 weeks or so ago, my close friend & I hooked up on an impulse (I'm 17 & he's 24)& stupidly enough we didn't use a condom. The first time he came, he pulled out, but the second time he came, he didn't. I asked him whether he did or not & he said he came on the sheets, but if he was to have pullen out, he wouldn't of done it there.'s been about 2 weeks since then, & I was starting to get worried that maybe there is a chance I could be, because I looked up when I would have been most fertile and just by chance it was the same exact day him & I had s_x. I've also been very tired, & eating more then usual. Not to mention the frequent urination. The thing that's throwing me off is I started my period earlier today, but something's not quite right about it, not only is my period a few days early, but it's not as heavy as it normally would be. Can I still bleed even if I did conceive? Because I kinda feel weird, as in "Not myself".....Please help if you have any clue on what to say. & thank you for looking too.


Daisy Jean - April 21

Jennifer, It doesn't sound too good. You could be having implantaion bleeding. I think you should trust your instincts. If your period gets to be more normal (red, clots, whatever is normal for you) then you are probably fine. If it remains "not quite right" you might be pregnant. You could do a test now, but it could be a little early to show up. If you can stand it, wait to see if your period is normal. If it is implantation bleeding it will likely be shorter, lighter and not bright red. Good luck. Let me know what happens. Have you discussed it with your friend?


RITZ - April 21

you can conceive and still have a period, especially a light one. I suggest waiting a couple of days than taking a test. My friend had the same thing happen to her. She was seven weeks before she knew she was pregnant


Jen - April 21

It is possible that you are pregnant. Sometimes stressing over whether or not you are pregnant can do funny things to your body too. I would take the advice to take a test in a few days. Just take care of yourself and try to relax. Easier said than done, I know. I am hoping that you will get the support that you need if you are pregnant. Good luck


Jennifer - April 22

Well my blood red like normal. It's not brown or anything. It's just a little lighter then it would normally be when I first start off. I just hope I'm not because my brother recently pa__sed on, I just got into a huge car accident, & I'm not in the best shape mentally or physically to be having a child.



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