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kelly607 - October 14

Hi, Just wanted to share my frustration with someone and find out if anybody has had this happen to them. We have been TTC for nearly a year with no success so far and I was getting quite frustrated with just going by CM and the dates I thought I Ovulated so I thought this month I'll splash out and buy myself ovulation test strips and a saliva test. I have been testing for the last week saliva am and the Strips pm as advised on the packaging. I have had no positive tests so far although I did have an abundents of CM on Sunday. I took my temp this morning and would you believe it it's risen and I haven't even tried yet as was holding out for my positive tests. I know I should have got some bd'ing in but I always start early and I didn't want to weaken the little swimmers for the event and also didn't want to feel worn out that I couldn't be bothered by the time the date did arrive. I am so annoyed could it be that I haven't ovulated yet and I just had a freaky temp rise or is it more likely that both tests aren't working??? Any responses would be appreciated even if it is just to rant about the frustration of TTC!!!!! Thanks :o)


Grandpa Viv - October 14

Good temperature charting will tell you if and when you are ovulating, though by the time you know for sure, it is too late to try that month. Charting will also tell you if you have succeeded (18 days above the cover line). After one year of TTC you may want to consider fertility consulting if insurance covers it. Good luck!


kelly607 - October 16

Just to let anyone in a similar situation know that I continued to do my OPK test and 4 days later (today) I got a positive OPK so just goes to show I obviously haven't been understanding my temperatures properly as I def had a rise but mustnt be the post O rise I guess!!! We have been TTC for 1 year now and this is the first month I've been using OPK's I wonder if I have been getting my O dates wrong all this time!!! :o(


jenn_ns - October 17

Hiya Kelly! Are you temping every day? At the same time each & every day? Fertility Friend dot com will help you out with this. You have to temp daily to see any trends in your cycle. You may have a higher temp one day, just to have your temp go down the next day. You ovulate when you have a clear shift in temp, followed by higher temps. If you look at anyone's chart, you may see high temps, followed by lower temps, and not ovulating. Just re-reading this... it sounds confusing! But a couple of months charting, you'll get the hang of it!! Good Luck!



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