Really Bad Period Cramps Suggestions

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winterwhite - February 28

I know this has nothing to do with pregnancy but I really need some suggestions. AF came yesterday but this one is so so painful, it's the most painful one I've ever had. My tummy, back and thighs are hurting so much and it's making me feel sick and really unwell. I'm getting miserable because painkillers don't help and I have tried hot baths, hot drinks and a hot water bottle.. they ease it slightly but the pain is still there. It's reducing me to tears this month and I feel dreadful. Have any of you got any suggestions on how I could help the pain at all please? It's horrible :( ~x~


MegGriffin - February 28

Hey! It sounds like you are doing everything right! All I can suggest really is stay away from salty foods and drink lots of water to help clear our your system! Salt can make you feel bloated and crampy already and ontop of already being bloated and crampy... not a good combo. Just keep having naps, take it easy, keep using the water bottle. I hope you feel better soon love!


winterwhite - February 28

Thank you hun :) It's Jazz btw lol (I'll explain on msn) So af did come for me in the end, but I feel okay about it.. it's just a real pain.. literally lol. How are you? ~x~


winterwhite - February 28

I didn't realize that salt can make it worse.. it's a good job I don't have a lot of that anyway :) Have been in bed most of the day sleeping and reading etc and relaxing. It's so bad this month it feels like I can feel it contracting inside.. really isn't nice. I'm getting pains in my shoulder blades aswell and is so achy. Have just refilled my water bottle :) I hope the pain goes away soon. ~x~


Naomi98 - February 28

I had a horribly painful (slightly late) period in August last year only to discover it was a very early m/c. It happens. Unusually heavy bleeding is another sign. I usually get bad cramps anyway so I've tried just about every painkiller on the market and the only one that works for me is Neurofen (ibubrofen). Keep hugging that hot water bottle, hope it gets better for you!


winterwhite - February 29

Eeeek I hope it's not that.. this one does seem to be heavier but I haven't noticed any tissue or clots or anything. I'm sorry for your loss hun. If the pain carrys on today then I'm going to go to A&E to see if everything is okay. I'll try neurofen. Thank u very much :) ~x~



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