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Ceilia - October 31

Hi there, I had my last period on the 4th Oct and had intercourse on the 18th I am due about now. I have had cramps all this week when usually if it my period it is really a few hours before. I have very prominant veins on my br___ts and they have been quite tender over the past week also. We are trying and the reason we chose the 18th was based on cervical mucas indications. My legs feel achy today and I have been peeing a lot. What do you all think. Preg test was neg today but I do not trust those things.


Renee - October 31

I'm going through something similar... period on the 4th, intercourse same time, and negative test today. However, I've been spotting early which never happens and I'm wondering if it's implantation bleeding. I've talked to some of my friends and they had negative tests the day before their period was due when they really were pregnant. One person's test was negative even after she had missed her period the first day or two. So, I think there's still hope. Take another early response test, so it measures lower levels of hcg, in a few days.


Vivi - October 31

I can only tell you my experience. We have been ttc for some time and now I got news that I am pregnant ( 5 weeks). Very early on I started peeing a lot more often, which was very unusual for me as I can go all night and more without peeing - that was my very first sign that I may be pregnant. My b___st swelled up just like they do before my period, but they were specially extra tender and my c___ps were milder than usual and they would come and go at a different interval than usual. On prior months I looked for siglthy different symptoms with the hope I was pregnant, but the symptoms were the same every month and I knew deep inside I was not pregnant. However this time the signs were a bit different and I suspected I was pregnant. A HPT took several days to become positive, so do not dispair and please let us know if you made it!!! I am sending you positive waves for a positive test!!!!


Ceilia - November 1

Thanks so much for the advice guys and congrats Vivi. Still have not had my period and have a second test in the drawer but am determined not to use it for another couple of days. Last night I inspected my cervix and it has a blue sort of tinge and occa__sionally is feeling numb as if it were the first day of a heavy period. I would love to be sure whats going on in body. I guess I will just have to wait. Will get back to you on this. Renee that sounds like it could very well be implantation bleeding if your in the same dates as me maybe its best to wait another few days too. Let me know how you get on.



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