REALLY Confused Please Help

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Steffy - April 25

okie i was here before but.. Im still very confused and nervouse (and scared) okie started birth control pill in march 15 (that's when AF started) had a regular 5 day period in march.. had s_x march 31st + april1st next Af came april 6.. cycle was 23 days ..4 day period with a small amount of cloths and not as heavy bleeding. ... had s_x april 14th+ 15... saw bright red when i wipe on 22nd and a bit of blood got onto my panty liner. ... that night and next morning no signs of blood... then 23 bit of red stain with va___al mucous... 24th.. kind of dry... so what is happening.. am I wacky due to the pills.. or did i experience implantation bleeding.. when should i test if i am preggie.. oh and bf pulled out.. no backup method but pulling out.. bad idea i know. and about day before i saw the red wiping, that night i had a bit of cramp.. and right now i feel pain too... i don't have tender br___t... and not sure about the veins.. cuz i realize i see them under certain lights and don't see them under another pair of light in another room.. and i never looked at them properly... and well i haven't notice or compared how my body reacts before and after this so... can anyone shed me some light... thanks!


steffy - April 25

oh i also had some white sports on my aeroles.. but the thing is when i pinch them liquid and white thign came out.. like when i poke my pimples or white head.. sorry to sound gross... and i personally have really bad skin especially afetr i sunburned myself so i have acene and skin problem all over my body at different times and i once had a pimple right beside my aerole (and i wasn't even s_xually active then) so i dunno.. bad skin or sign? anyone ever had the liquid or white thing come out... =/


steffy - April 25

hmm veins might be more apperant in hands... since i was reading palm reading for fun last week and i think they weren't as appearant.. but don't coutn on this one


Grandpa Viv - April 25

Pill questions are difficult because side effects can mimic pregnancy. They tell you to use backup the first month, which you did not do, plus you had s_x right at ovulation time in March and an early bleed which might have been implantation. Your only choice is to do a pregnancy test before you start the next active pills. If you are really concerned, have the prescribing doctor do a blood test. Good luck!


steffy - April 25

grandpa im in the middle of a pack of pills.. i take estrosetp fe.. and i am on the 2nd round pill... so is it okie to take a test now or should i wait until i get to the brown pills or should i wait until i finish the pack or what???


i think - April 25

i think he meant take the test in the morning before you take the pill that day and have several hours in between from the pills u took the night before... if that makes any sense to u.. lol


steffy - April 25

GRANDPA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ><'' anyone else? thanks i think,,, however what you said seems kind of weird...


steffy - April 25

i took a hpt.. and it said not pregrant... did i take it too early... and i took the hpt before i took my pill today... iof course i didn't use morning urine.. .. i had a bit of water at lunch... from the mornign pee til when i took the hpt was about 4 hours.. and from my water at lunch it was about2 hours... any insights


bump - April 26



Rachel - May 6

I am a 16 year old and I have not been throwing up I keep having gas i keep boo booing I keep getting headachs and i keep eating more then the normal do you think i pregant PLEASE HELP ME


Audrey - May 6

Rachel- Did you have unprotected s_x during your fertile days? (Days 9-16 after your period starts.) If true then you should be concerned. If you have missed a period use a home pregnancy test which are available in any pharmacy. Best wishes!



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