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alicia - November 18

Hi, I was supposed to get my period on the 4th of Nov. and I still havn't gotten it. Its not rare for it to be a couple days to a week or so late...(thats been for the past few months) However, Its 15 days later and I still havn't gotten it. I took a urine test on the 16th but it came back negative. Could I still be pregnant? I don't have any like strong symptoms, just the cramping without the period and about on the 16th i noticed like the really light pink/brown staining almost in the discharge when I wiped. Im just concerned that their might be something else wrong with me but Im really kind of stupid with these things so I dont even know what the possibilities are. Please, if someone could give me any kind of feedback I'd really appreciate it. Thanks


christine - November 19

You very well could be pregnant...At this point you should be getting a positive on a hpt but not all do...I would contact your doc and ask him for a blood test...that should be definate...good luck


krt - November 19

alicia, hey girl I am right there with you. I was also supposed to start the 4th of Nov. I've tested on the 7th, 15,and 3 times on the 16. All mine came back negative but I am really ga__sy and normally im not... I have major headaches, my back hurts, im really tired no matter how much sleep I get. Only thing is my wedding was the 16th of oct. and I was supposed to start the 14 of oct.... but i didn't want to have a period on my wedding night.... so instead of taking my sugar pills i started a new pack so I wouldn't start on the 14th...... everyone keeps telling me my doing that may have thrown my period of for Nov.... But I know my body and I shouldve started by now.... The pill is supposed to help you regulate your period right? What should I do?


Audrey - November 19

krt- By starting a new pill pack before you were supposed to, you likely missed up your cycle. Finish the pack you are on now properly and see what happens. I doubt you are pregnant if you have so many -ive tests.


krt - November 19

I skipped oct. on purpose not nov. me taking my pills corectly shoulve made me start on time. not make me skip nov. too........ right..... my lil sis is on them to regulate her period


krt - November 19

my gyno told me on nov.8 to not take anymore pills till i have a period in case i am pregnant


a - November 19

well, my friend only gets her period every other month, but on the month she doesn't get it she goes through the typical syptoms (cramping and such). I would go to a clinic and get a blood test just to be sure.


krt - November 19

do you think i should wait untill i am a month late...... that would be 1 week and 6 days....... or you think i should do it next week sometime??


as - November 20

I tested negative with both of my pregnancies, i have a 2 year old and am now 23 weeks preg. See your doctor, you can go to a Planned Parenthood clinic if you can't afford a regular OG/GYN.



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