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Nesi - December 6

Ok ... this is a really weird question and I'm not quite sure how to ask it so here goes: I just found out that I am pregnant for the 3rd time. Both previous pregnancies ending in m/c. I used Clomid this time around to correct a possible luteal phase defect. Twice now I was woken up with a wave of a mean cramp across my lower abdomen. This happens at the same I am s_xual excited. Is this normal or should I worry? I know I will worry either way over every little twinge but this one really concerns me. What do you all think?


suzieQ - December 6

How far along are you? I would tend to think that your ligaments are just doing their stretching thing (getting ready to grow!) . When you are aroused, you get mega blood flow to your pelvic area, so that would cause cramping too (think of swimming and getting a leg cramp sorta) Ask your doctor, which I'm sure you will or have already and good luck! I've had twom m/c's as well and we're trying to conceive right now (am starting to test this week :) Sending lots of baby glue your way!


Nesi - December 6

Thank you, suzieQ for your quick response. I am just over 4 weeks and can't get into my primary care physician for a referral to an OB until 12-13. I hope you are right. I just have no idea how to broach the subject. Baby dust your way!!! :)


Nesi - December 6

Any idea where I can find out if this is related to the Clomid? This is my first cycle on Clomid and it has been different to say the least.


suzieQ - December 7

I know zip about Chlomid - I'm sure there's lots of women who do though and you're on the right site! Best wishes!


Mica - December 7

I thought of a little tip that might be helpful to you---call and make an appt with the OB/GYN for sometime after 12/13 so that will lessen your waiting time to see the OB/GYN and surely your PCP will make the referral as soon as you see him/her. And "baby glue" as susie Q said, to you!


Jezebel - December 7

ok, I gotta say it....Nesi, did you have a wet dream? Not trying to pry, but I have them now that Im pg and I always cramp when I orgasm. Happens during s_x with DH also, only after I orgasm. I never knew why, but has only happened when pg. Does anyone know the cause? Or is it as SuzieQ says?


Nesi - December 7

Jezebel, Yes, on the dream part but no, on the orgasm part. The cramp lasts about 15-30 seconds and is like a wave of pain. It's really weird and concerning. I will try to make an appointment with the OB (gotta find out who it is) as soon as possible to shorten the time between the PCP and OB. Thanks for the suggestion, Mica.



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