Recent Miscarrage Am I Pregnant Again

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Tonibug - May 26

Hi everyone, I just recently had a miscarrage back on April 25th, I'm pretty sure I ovulated the week of May 15, I have felt nautious today and my legs hurt and I have been extremely tired. I have taken 2 pregnancy tests but they have come out negative during the alotted time frame but when I go back in about an hour later they have turned positive and it doesnt look like an evaporation line. I know your not supposed to look at a test after the 10 minute wait but I want to get pregnant again soon! So the excitement is killing me? Anybody think I could be pregnant or am I being to hopeful?


ksorbin - May 26

Hi guess is that they are negative. Get another pregnancy test and check it between 3 and 10min....the slightest/faintest line is a positive. But after 10min, a negative test can turn positive. I hope I am wrong for your sake, but that is what I think. I had a miscarriage on 4/27 (I was 18wks pregnant). I too am trying to get pregnant and am soooooooooooooooo eager. I am currently having my af and am starting Clomid tonight to boost my ovaries and start ovulating. I only have 3 months to get pregnant. Let me know what you find out on those pregnancy tests. -Kortnee


Tonibug - May 26

Thanks Kortnee! I just pray that maybe i am just testing too early, do you think that could be possible? I am gonna test again on Monday cause Ive heard most people didnt get a positive until 12 DPO and on Monday that will be 12 for me!


Tonibug - May 26

Also Guys I guess I should mention that I have had diarrea (Too much info I know) and my mouth had a weird taste, which are some of the symptoms I had before when I got pregnant. I know I am probably not pregnant but for some reason I just think I am. Also I heard thats its easier to get pregant after a miscarrage because your body is already prepped for pregnancy! What do u guys think?


ksorbin - May 26

Hey certainly could be too early. The pregnancy strips that you can order online (at are much more sensitive than the store bought tests and are cheaper. YOu should consider getting those. I have heard that it is easier to get pregnant, although it only took me 4days previously, it hasn't been easier for me. BUT that is hard to beat. Anyway...try testing again in a couple of days. I know how eager you are. I am in the same boat. Good luck.


Tonibug - May 26

Hey Kortnee, I might order me those! I had been taken ept tests but last night I bought First Response which I like better. I am sorry for your loss and I hope we both get pregnant ASAP and go on to have happy and healthy babies! Good luck and keep me posted on you and I will keep you posted on me!


alexasmommy - May 27

Hey Tonibug- you sound just like me. I had m/c on 18th of April. I have been swearing up and down that I am pregnant so I took a test and it didn't show anything until almost 45 minutes later. 3 tests did this and they were 3 different brands. Anyways I ordered the ones off of the internet and it was a definite negative. It's so depressing... I am completely obsessed with getting pregnant. I admit it and I also have a serious testing problem. Oh and I also a___lyze every symptom until I convince myself I have to be pregnant. Have you tested with a test that detects lower hcg levels?? I really hope you are pregnant. If not have you ever thought of ovulation kits? Anyways I've rambled too long. I wish you the best.


ksorbin - May 28

Toni and alexasmom---good luck with getting prego. I too am obsessed with getting pregnant. I am going to try a relax as sometimes stress can screw up your cycles. I will update both of you. Good luck Toni!! I hope it eventually turns positive. -Kortnee


tatums21 - May 29

Hi !! everyone . I am in the same boat as you guys . I got m/s in march 10 wks . I have had 2 periods after that now june3 i will ovulate i am pretty sure i am regular which is good. I bought these ovluation kits we/ll see how are they. do you guys think i should wait until my big O day or start having s_x before ? thank you . My m/s really affect me I sometimes feel nobody understands me ,but women who had had the same thing . Nothing will make you forget that .. I hope I can get pregnat this time. :(


Tonibug - May 30

Hi everyone, thanks for all the responses! I took a first response test yesterday and sadly it was negative so me and my hubby are just gonna keep trying! Good luck to all! Baby Dust


lisa2006 - May 30

Morning ladies, i am borfer line obsessed... i MC'd in march at 5 weeks and had a regular cycle in apil and ony a little spotting on may 21.. i or was convinced that i was pregnant but i have taken 5 test and they all come out neg. now i have no idea when i should be ovulating so hubby is happy cause i am making sure i get his sweetness everyday ..... i just don't want to miss our chance this month. happy baby dancing and baby dust to all of you wanting to conceive. Lisa



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