Red Raspberry Leaf Tea More Advice Pls

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kendra - July 29

I hv heard abt tis tea but read that it helps more in the easy labour, which means to take it at the later stage of pregnancy. But I do read some to say that you can take even when trying to conceive as it helps in strengthening the uterus thus the egg implantation. Can anyone give more information on this. Thanks!


dee - July 29

I am ttc #1. Heard the same thing about the tea. Started to drink a cup at night a couple of days before ovulating. Fingers crossed. Raspberry Leaf tea supports female systems.* Its long history of safe human consumption is evident over thousands of years of use by women in Europe and North America to support healthy menstruation, strengthen and tone the uterus, and to prepare the womb for childbirth.* Infusions of raspberry leaf have been traditionally used as an important gynecological aid by women of the Cherokee, Iroquois and Mohawk nations of North America. The British Herbal Pharmacopoeia (1996) indicates its use as a preparative for childbirth. Raspberry Leaf tea’s robust, full-bodied flavor is reminiscent of fine black tea, making it an excellent choice in a caffeine-free breakfast or afternoon tea.


kendra - July 29

thanks dee for the info. i only find infusions of raspberry & strawberry together .. can i drink tis? wat abt cranberry-raspberry concentrated juice? does it help in a way? thanks for everything.


dee - July 31

its not actually raspberry tea. its raspberry leaf tea that you need to get. I bought mine at the health food shop. you cannot get it in the supermarket.


SA - July 31

I bought some yesterday, and spoke with a lady who said that it worked great for her. She bought it originally for her cramping, but then she became pregnant. She now has 2 healthy babies and said that she firmly believes that the tea helped. I also bought mine at a health food store.



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