Reddish Spotting AF Or Am I Preggo

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Mytwobobos - April 27

My period is due on 4/30. I started getting a brownish color discharge when I wiped yesterday afternoon and today it is more pinkish with streaks of blood in it. Has anyone experienced this and then found they are pregnant? My husband and I have been trying for almost 7 months now. We have two other children and I did not get this with the other two pregnancies and I rarely get this before a period. Any comments?


tennesseevolsfan08 - April 29

I had the same color discharge and it turned to a darker red then pinkish color. It lasted about 3 days all together. I took a HPT but it was negative, but maybe it's too soon to show. I'm not sure. I hope this helps you out and best of luck to you and your family.


Mytwobobos - April 29

Thanks for responding. I took a HPT and it was negative as well. This morning there is no trace of blood at all. Yesterday was a little heavier but still only needed a pantyliner. So it lasted 3 days but wasn't like a normal period. For the most part just spotting. Really weird....Thanks again and I wish you and your family the best as well.


austynsmommy - April 30

I had that this month also. I spotted very lightly for 3 days. I could have used the same pad I think but that is gross. We have started trying again for another baby this month. Good luck girls.


Mytwobobos - April 30

Thanks for your response. Keep me posted on your status. I hope it means that implantation took place as I've read a lot of other threads on that. If not, I have a doctor appt. next week to get put on clomid. Hopefully that will give me results. I'm not ovulating either! Urrrr.


kimberly - April 30

Light periods can be caused by lots of other things other than pregnancy. At the end of your last post you said you are not ovulating...if you don't ovulate you will usually have a light period or no period for that month. Implantation rarely occurs but it is as you described and usually happens at 6 to 10 dpo. It could be either one, hard to say, but if it was implantation the test you took may have been too early. Good Luck!


Mytwobobos - April 30

Well I get periods each month or every 45 days and take my temperature, Saliva test and from time to time OPK and have not detected ovulation. About two weeks back I had my saliva test indicate ovulation slightly but every day after has been no indication of ovulation. My last period started on 3/29 but my cycles are irregular and my fertility chart states I should menstruate on 4/9. I will test if I don't get a period by that time. If it's negative it's just another month of trying this but next time it will be on clomid. Thanks for your input.


kimberly - May 1

Your cycles sound just like mine use to be and I wasn't ovulating then either. Clomid sounds like the route you need to go. I have normal cycles now after having my daughter but when trying to concieve my second they were all over the place and very unpredictable abd then they just went away completely. I wanted another baby badly so I researched alot, soy can help regulate your cycles and lots of other herbs help too. I took a soy supplement and soon after concieved my son. They say soy does what clomid can do for you. My point is I think clomid would be a good choice because it sounds like you probably aren't ovulating. I don't like the saliva scopes, they are hard to read and never showed ferning for me. My friend also used one and couldn't predict her ovulation with it, I think opk's work better.


Mytwobobos - May 1

Yes, mine are all over the place. I will have to try the soy supplement. I have heard a lot of good about clomid so I'm being incredibly anxious. I'm sure my husband is annoyed as I can't wait for Monday to get here so I can get started. I agree the saliva tests are hard to read. I only saw one day that showed slight ferning and other than that I see nothing but dots and lines. I agree the OPK's work better but more pricey. I just wanted to track a month of my cycle so I can become familiar with it. So far, I'm all over the place. Nothing makes sense. Thanks for your opinion and advice.



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