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Sarah - January 13

Hey ladies, I have been on this web site for several months know, everyone has been so helpfull and coforting. Because I have been a lunatic TTC, my husband and I have been trying for 8 months, bought the opk, took my temp, everything, every month I would feel like I was pregnant and then when AF showed up I was so deperessed. So I stopped obsessing about getting pregnant, and just enjoyed s_x with my husband instead of thinking about it as baby making s_x. I didnt really have any symptoms. But I tested last night and those two beautiful lines I have been waiting for showed up! So I guess all the stress of taking my temp, and checking for Ovulation, stressed me out enough, once I relaxed and didnt even "try" I got PG. Good Luck ladies!!


Susan - January 13

Sarah, Congratulations!! I'm in my 6th month of trying and I too have been guilty of being a lunatic. I'm already trying to figure out when I'll be ovulating next month before I even find out whether or not I'm pregnant this month! I wish I could relax... :) Best of luck to you


Emmi - January 13

Congratulations Sarah! It sounds like good advise. Its just so hard not be a "lunatic". Did you have any symptoms leading up to your positive?


kim j - January 13

Congrat to you and your family!!! This is our second month ttc and I have already told myself to relax and have fun... It is easier said then done.


Rachel - January 13

I just started TTC last month and since I just came off the pill in early December I am trying not to get overly anxious. But it is hard. I guess I am so excited and it is difficult to supress those feelings. I am not going to do any temp charting until I have been TTC for 6 mos. that way I won't be obsessing too much. Until then we will just have fun trying :)


KN - January 14

Congratulations Sarah, that's really a great story, and I learned alot from it. I wish you the best of luck.


Lisa's trying one more time - January 14

Sarah all the best to you! Congratulations! We've been ttc for 5 months, time for me to relax! I'm stressing and I need to stop.


Sarah - January 14

Thank You everyone. We are really excited! Good luck to all of you.



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