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Kathy - November 19

My hubby and I have been trying for a baby boy......Im late for my period for about a month already and I never took a home pregnancy test because I'm assuming I could be pregnant but the thing is I started bleeding (like a period) yesterday....Im so confused if it is miscarriage or it's my period........Anyone please help me........I talked to the nurse and they said to take a pregnancy test but how could I take one if I'm bleeding??? Would ir come out acccurate????????


Audrey - November 19

A pregnancy test would still be accurate even if you're bleeding, but just in case wash thoroughly first. Miscarriage bleeding is often accompanied by severe cramps, so if you're worried you should talk to your doctor again.


A.V. - November 19

I agree you should maybe wait until it stops and then take a test try to buy the most sensitive one's like e.p.t. or first response don't opt for the cheap one's


m - November 19

I have kindof a strange story to add. I recently had 2 early miscarriages. With the first one, my positives were still not real bright before the miscarriage. Then when I started bleeding, I got scared because I didn't know at first what was going on, and I wanted to do a hpt. I had ordered those sensitive test strips on the internet (the ones some doctors use). So they were the pee in the cup kind. I peed in the cup and, of course, it was bloody urine. Well, I did the test anyway, and you know what, that line was so darn bright it was brighter than the control line. Because that is where hcg is most concentrated... in your blood. Therefore, that's why a blood test detects pregnancy earlier than urine test. This may not work for you, but that's my story. Good luck, and I wish you the best!


A.V - November 19

wow m your story is promising, I have started bleeding a couple of days before my period I' ve had pregnancy symptoms but then again I could just be having an early period although it is abnormally light but I too ordered the pregnancy test online I'm still waiting for them to arrive but it keeps me optimistic that there could possibly be a chance. Because usually we a__sume once there's bleeding we're not pregnant, so thank you for your story.


Christine - November 19

Actually if you can get one from the dollar store(cheap) $1.oo a piece they actually are very sensitive...and work well...just for your info...


bleeding - November 19

TAKE A TEST. no it wont come out inaccurate. How heavy are you bleeding? if its a normal bleed like you get when you get your period then its probably your period. If its abnormally heavy with lots of cramping and perhaps even some clots it could be a miscarriage. If its light it could be the "bleeding" that some woman get that they believe to be thier period even though they are pregnant. go take a test and then let us know. take care!



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