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adh. - November 22

Ive done a little looking into some topics I have heard on here. I have heard a variety of answers. (it answers a few of my questions.) I hope this helps some who are concerned. Sperm are living cells. They remain healthy within a small range of temperature, moisture, molarity (content of salt and other chemicals in the moisture) and acidity. Sperm which have become totally dry, which have become immeshed into fabric, which have been exposed to destructive forces such as the enzymes in saliva, the heat, soapiness, or lack of balanced salt content in bathwater are unlikely to survive (continue to swim) for longer than minutes. Pregnancy can occur without intercourse if sperm-rich ejaculate in deposited near the entrance to the va___a: this is a poor way to become pregnant but it has happened First, I consulted with one of the world's experts on sperm, Prof. Kenneth Polakoski, to make sure the following is correct. Incidentally, Prof. Polakoski was the first scientist to isolate and name the enzyme ACROSIN, derived from the ACROsome (head) of the sperm. This enzyme is key to fertilization because it "dissolves" a tunnel through the outer membrane (called zona pellucida) of the egg, enabling the DNA from the sperm to get inside the egg. How long human sperm can live outside the human body depends on several things: temperature and humidity among them. At room temperature (75 °F or 25 °C) without dehydration the sperm can live between 4 and 6 hours. Dehydration means, without drying out. After all, the semen (viscous, whitish secretion of the male reproductive organs, containing spermatozoa and serving as their transporting medium) is over 85% water. So then if the semen loses water (dehydration) this material begins to crystallize; all the while the sperm cells also undergo water loss. Therefore, in ordinary dry air at room temperature when dehydration is an added factor, human sperm can live maybe 1 to 3 hours. That's about all. If semen is deposited on your hands, the sperm can enter the va___a if you touch the moist inner membranes (labia minora). It is possible that sperm could travel through the va___a, and ultimately pass through the cervix into the uterus and fallopian tubes. sperm does not die when it hits the air — it can survive outside the body for as long as the ejaculate is still wet. And pregnancy is possible if a guy ejaculates on a girl's labia (lips of the vulva) because it can swim through the moisture on her vulva into the va___a. Pregnancy can occur any time ejaculate gets in the va___a, or on or near the vulva


E - November 22

Please post this on the teen site/s_x& pregnancy also. They need a lesson in this kind of thing.


Carrie - November 22

adh- thanks for all of the info. I have one question. You talked about saliva being a destructive force for sperm. My husband and I have been trying to conceive, and I know that you are not supposed to use lubricants, so we have been using saliva to lubricate. Could this be why we're not getting pregnant?


adh - November 22

I am not an expert sorry. (Just a nurse) I would say it means oral s_x. Not sure if you read that one post on here about that. I think if you sat there with sperm in your mouth for a long time it would kill the sperm with in a few minutes. I dont think using spit to lube up would do that much, because you probably evaporate most of the saliva before he ejaculates.


bump - November 26




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