RH Negative Blood Amp Miscarriage

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Jae - March 23

I recently read that if a RH negative woman suffers a miscarriage, she MUST have the injection to prevent mixing of the blood. I had a miscarriage 1 year ago & my GP didnt tell me this, now i am concerned for the health of any babies I hope to have. Can any women shed a bit of light on this situation for me, i really am concerned...... thanks


bump - March 25



Christina - March 25

To prevent the mixing of the blood is if you are RH negative and your baby happens to be RH positive and the babies blood happens to cross the barrier, you could, if enough is pa__sed through, potentially die or become gravely ill. A person who is RH negative can never receive blood from an RH postive person because of the RH protiens that is in the blood. The body of the RH negative person will start to kill off it's own blood source thinking that it is a foriegn object in the body. I hope this helps some!


Sharon - March 25

This is my understanding, what I've read in some genetics books: with Rh mixing, if in the first pregnancy the baby is Rh positive and the mother is Rh negative, the blood may mix at the end of pregnancy, but not harm anyone. The mothers body will start to form antibodies to fight Rh positive blood, but won't affect her. If a second pregnancy occurs, and the same thing happens where the baby is Rh positive, the mothers body wants to fight the babies blood, but the antibodies are too big to get there. Only on the third pregnancy in the same situation does this become a problem, since the mothers blood adjusts to make the antibodies smaller, where it can cross the placenta to reach the baby. This time, the antibodies do cross and start attacking the babies red blood cells, so that if the baby makes it to term, many of its red blood cells may be damaged and it may not survive much longer. All that is done to prevent this is the Rh antigen is given to the mother during pregancy so that if the baby is Rh positive, her body doesn't recognize it as foriegn and fight it. You may want to find out if your doctor did an Rh test, or if they suspected that. When I was pregnant they threw in that test with a blood test, to be sure that they wouldn't have to worry about it. Also, the Rh of your baby is determined in part by the dad, so it might not even be an issue. If he is positive with mixed +/- (it would show up as positive) the baby might ger his negative and your negative and not even be positive. Don't worry too much about it though-- modern science has that one figured out, and rarely is it a problem now.



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