Right Side Pinching

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Jen - November 21

Hey girls, I am on day 23 of my cycle (normal 28 day cycles). And I have been having a right side pinch all day. I can't be ovulating because I did on day 14. Anyone ever have this as a sign? Thanks so much, baby dust to all.


Meg - November 21

I had that pinching feeling around 7-8 dpo and I got my bfp 10 dpo. Good luck to you!


jeni - November 21

I had a similar question as you did (and saw your response - thank you) but I am new to this - what does dpo and bfp mean?


Jen - November 21

dpo means days past ovulation and bfp means big fat positive. It took me a while to learn too...jeni, when is AF due (your period)? Thanks Meg


Shannon - November 21

af- aunt flow- that's my best guess


Jen - November 22

I think I may be out for the month. I went to the bathroom and had pink discharge which is weird considering af isn't due till the 26th. I guess af wants to come early this month : (


Jeni - November 22

I am not due to have mine until Dec. 1 but have been having this pinching feeling for several days now. I am actually wondering if it is not tubal. The discharge may be from the implantation. That can be normal. I am sad to say that I am hoping I am not as I have a 3 year old and 1 year old and the thought of having three just scares the living daylights out of me. Plus my husband would die since he stays home with the boys three days a week. Good luck to you though!!


kristina - November 22

i am having the same thing today but i am only 4 dpo. seems too early for feeling anything, unless it's implantation feelings ? i'd like to know as well :-) no other signs other than creamy cm, no drying up after O. this is my first month ttc. anyone else have the creamy cm still ?


to kristina - November 22

preg. women do have alot more creamy cm, but being only 4dpo--usually there is no signs yet--sometimes women have early symptoms, but it is too early to tell yet. Cramps also this early usually means when ur egg drops it lets out a little bit of fluid, which ur body doesn't like--creating the abdominal cramps. But that doesn't mean u aren't preg.--but that is usually where cramps come from just after o'ing.


kristina - November 22

thx ! yeah, i'm just a__suming that nothing is happening so i don't get excited. i didn't have these feelings before after O'ing, but it does feel like that general area....... so that's good to know :-) will just wait things out, but the cm has me hopeful. each day gets a bit more :-) thanks for the advice though and the reply !


kate - November 23

could be a cyst



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