Right Side Twinges Freaking Me Out

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Maggie - February 21

Already have post up of wondering if im preg (post: Im going insane) so now along with my Nausea, Pimples on areolas, headaches, moodiness, emotional rollercoaster rides I now have these very weird twinges on my right side of my tummy,Its not a cramp its a twinge and its uncomfortable, i dont really now how to explain it but its bothering me and freaking me out! My docs appt isnt till thursday so any advice now about it would be wonderfull thanks agian guys


jamie - February 22

sounds like you could be pregnant, sometimes it takes a while to get a BFP!


bump - February 22



SugarPie - February 22

Sounds like pregnancy too. I have the same exact thing. In fact, it happens more often as the days and weeks go on. It's like something is pinching you from the inside.. and it's a dull numbness. Right? Wait till you get to the stage that something is pushing out from the inside. This is a bittersweet hell we're going through... and sadly, when we think it's all over.. it's just not. Keep your head up and if you need to talk we're all here to listen!!! P.S. ~ Make sure you're taking a vitamin with a good amount of calcium!! That'll help with all the stretchy pain.


maggie - February 22

wow thats exactly what it feels like! What is it that causes the pain... Are there any other women out there who have ecperinced this if so please give some advice! Thankyou sugarpie im glad i can have someone to relate to about this!


SugarPie - February 22

Maggie from all of my research it simply comes down to the ligaments stretching. There are so many layers of muscles and tissues.. of course we're going to feel something as the uterus stretches. It's just interesting how the books say words like "uncomfortable" "stretching", when it really comes down to freakin' pain. The same terminology they use when you get your first period as a teen or preteen are the same d__n words they use when you get preggers. Amazing isn't it?


maggie - February 22

lol yeah thats funny. I have just never experinced anything like this so i was stumped, and i just know that im prego with everything going on, and now this?? Its just the weirdest thing to have like a twitchy pinchy jolty feeling thing going on... KRAZY! So are you prego Sugarpie?


chriss - February 22

forgive me but! Everyone on this board is scared, frustrated, impatient and feeling alone. I am a newbie up until a few days ago and even though I read postings backwards of a few days, I still NEEDED to know. I wanted to someone/anyone to answer my question about me! I understand both sides, but everyone needs to have a little bit of patience, remember we are ALL under a certain amount of stress, some more than others and we are supposed to stick together here! This forum is for support, so let's support each other even if it means repeating ourselves a few times. For those of us who have husbands/boyfriends/girlfriends we should be used to this by now!!! :)


chriss - February 22

Sorry, I posted this to the wrong subject, it should have gone to the topic for new comers!


SugarPie - February 22

Maggie, I have absolutely no clue. Funny that I doubted for the first month and a half, but when every month came without a period.. I started to wonder. I've finally mustered up the courage to go to the ob/gyn. So I had an appt. on Wednesday but realized I can't find my purse and so I've reschedualed for next week. Here's a champagne gla__s full of milk to all women trying. Cheers!!***


maggie - February 22

lol.... Sugar pie i would be going Krazy if i were you! i would want to know asap. i dunno im one of the impatient ones!


Sfayet - February 23

So tell me i read that right, the twinge in the lower side its a ligaments stretching, that is a good sign for pregnancy right?


Maggie - February 23

Im not sure either


Kim - February 23

I just found out that I am pregnant during the past couple of days and I have that same pain in my right side. I have been worried about it but after reading all of these posts, it seems like it's fairly common. I don't have my first u/s until I'm about 9 weeks (I'm in my 5th week now) but I will get to talk to my Doctor about it all next week. Baby dust to all!


MandyD - February 23

Congratulations Kim! I'm so happy for you!!! Thanks for sharing that BabyDust with us! Hope all goes well...: )


maggie - February 23

Its nice to know that some one is in the same boat as me!!! Im so happy for you kim and good luck to your new fam!


Kim - February 24

Good luck to all of you as well! I still can't believe that all of this is happening because I was thinking that it would take longer than it did. I am just worried about the next couple of months because this is my 1st and every new pain worries me. I will say that I started to feel the pains last week and a__sumed that it might be the egg implanting itself since the timing was right and I never felt them before. I am keeping my fingers crossed for all of you that it is a good sign. It's so nice to be able to talk to people here that are going through similar things right now. By the way, this is one of my only signs aside from sore nipples, a voracious appet_te, and a bit of moodiness.



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