Roughly How Long Can Implantation Cramps Last For

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kj - October 6

I was wondering cos im bout 9dpo and have had slight cramping, dullish, that comes and goes...


p - October 6

what do implantation cramps feel like ?


kj - October 6

if that is what im feeling, then it feels like a dull stretching ache but comes then goes


jaime - October 6

more like a pinch than a cramp. Hope that helps.


uk - October 6

i was wondering the same, i have "dull ache" above where my pubic hair is (sorry)


T - October 6

I haven't heard of these? I have been having pinching and a feeling like someone is taking a pin to my uterus! I have also had some bleeding. I am in the process of IVF. I freaked because of these feelings and the doctors decided to run my test today. I will have my results in two hours. I will let you know if I was experiencing implantation cramps or a.f.


kj - October 6

thanks T, keeping crossed 4 u!! :o)


amy - October 6

anyone had ic 4 a few days?


Renee-Marie - October 6

Hi ladies! I'm so glad you asked this question! I too am also having a dull pain right in the middle - I guess, where my uterus is. It feels like a pin pinching or something. I want to say it's that same horrible twinge when I get a PAP. Anyone else feel teh same way? What is that? could it be a sign? I hope it stops!


Amanda - October 6

I had that for about 3 days on and off last week. I am waiting to test this weekend. I hope that is what it was.


Renee-Marie - October 6

Amanda, are you following me? ;-) LOL. :-)


kj - October 6

fingers crossed for u Amanda :o) what did the cramps feel like??


T - October 6

I hate to report bad news. My cramps and bleeding were not implantation but af trying to overcome the progesterone shots. My cramping lasted 3 days and bleeding lasted 4 days. I hope your news is better.


kj - October 8

really sorry bout ur news T, have fun trying next month :o) Good luck


Renee-marie - October 9

Me too. I'm sorry to hear that T. :-(


mandy - October 9

did you ladies have your ib/ic before you were due for your period or around the same time it was due and what color was it? I have cramps like period pain, but I'm a week away and my spotting is pink not brown. thanks!


faith - October 9

ib can be pink or brown...that was to mandy.



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