Runny Stuffy Nose

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E - May 16

did anyone have a runny/stuffy nose as a sign? I have sore br___ts that are bigger with little spots, always tired and sleepy, my appet_te increased for awhile now i just feel sick and can't eat much. I have so many veins on my br___ts, and they go down my stomach and branch around the hips and upper thighs. My LMP was march 19. spotting from April 18-27. I don't know if I am pregnant or not.


Hanna - May 16

I just found out that I am pg and I definitely have a runny nose! Especially in the mornings.


E - May 16

Hanna how many weeks are you?


E - May 16

Does anyone know how long a runny and stuffy nose lasts?!?!? all 9 months?!?!?!


..... - May 16

pretty useful 411..found on the net Believe it or not, a runny or stuffed-up nose without any other cold symptoms is a pretty common condition during pregnancy. Some women feel as if they have a cold throughout the whole nine months. This condition has a name--allergic rhinitis of pregnancy--but no cure


E - May 16

Thanks for the info .... Is anyone else experiencing cold symptoms?


maddie - May 16

I have woken up with stuffy nose for the past week.....


Yes!! - May 16

Flu like feeling is a pregnancy sign. Good luck


E - May 16

yeah now i feel like i have the flu. I'm losing my appet_te and feel sore and tired. Does anyone have this and the runny nose too?


Liz - May 17

That is SO crazey! I have had a NON stop runny nose for like a while now. I mean, all I have to due is tip my head and it runns! Not a slow running but I mean I have to grab tissue before it goes out my nose and to my mouth YUK! It has gotten so bad I have to have tissue in my purse and some always on me! I have never had this happen before. Thought it might be allergies but I've never had them and I don't have the typical itchy/watery eyes and or sneezing. I don't know if I'm pregnant, haven't tested because I have been having my periods. I have been tired lately, need to take naps now but I don't have to be in to work until 2:30 pm so it's not like I can't sleep in! I don't know, I would test but I've had my periods so far and my partner and I use condoms (sometimes the cheap ones though). :/


Zoismom - May 17

I got bfp earlier this week and sneezy, stuffy nose was probably my first symptom in addition to thirst and fatigue. Also, not to be gross but have a little dry blood in my nose now and again. I understand that that is really common as well.


E - May 17

wow i guess this is really common. Does anyone sneeze a lot also?


carolyn - May 17

This is crazy. I have been having pregnancy symptoms for a month now. I didn't know a runny/stuffy nose is also a symptom. I have been sneezing uncontrolably, terrible stuffy/runny nose, sore b___sts, vomiting in the morning & dizzyness. I thought (besides the sore b___sts) that it was my alergies. My period is a week late (which never happens b/c I am on the pill) & I have taken three pregnancy tests which all came back negative. Thanks for posting E, I had no idea!


E - May 17

I don't know what happened. I was having a runny nose and I guess I blew my nose too much and then about 3 drops of blood came out so I thought it was my period coming so i put on a panty liner and then no more blood is coming out. Is this my period? or am i having a misscarriage?


Zoismom - May 17

To E: I do have uncontrollable sneezing when I wake up. You should probably check with your doc about the few drops of blood. I have a friend who had bleeding throughout her 1st trimester and it turned out she was having twins! She was a real pet_te girl too and she had a healthy pregnancy beyond that.


E - May 18

Zoismom, I am also having non stop sneezing when I wake up it's crazy. This runny nose is still not going away. And the few drops of blood increased to almost a light period so I don't know what it is.


liz - May 18

all this sneezing and stuff---could it be allergies and not pregnancy....i have been sneezing alot too...but i have allergies and i am not trying to put my hope up thinking i am pregnant....



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