Saliva Microscope

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L - April 29

Has anyone used a saliva microscope? Is it worth it?


Shannon - April 29

Hi "L". I bought a slaiva Test a few months ago and I've stopped using it because I just couldn't make sense of it. One day I would have ferning then the next there would be nothing but dots. I could never see a pattern with it, and it just started frustrating me. I don't know about anyone else but I wish I didn't buy it. Hope this helps you!


L - April 29

It helps big time! THANKS!!


Erin - April 29

I tried it and got very frustrated with it as well. I only got air bubbles and couldn't tell with certainty what the result was. Very annoying.


stacey - April 29

My neighbor used it, and couldn't tell so she used OPK's as well (defeats the purpose), but she could only see it after she got a pos. on them and knew whatto look for after. I bought the Clear Blue Monitor- expensive, but so much easier than Opk's and saliva scope.


Amanda - April 29

Stacey- how is the Clear Blue Monitor easier than OPK's? I've been thinking about getting one and I've seen them a bit cheaper on Ebay!


stacey - April 30

there is absolutely no guessing involved- the monitor tells you everything. You peeon a stick- their test stick, put it into the computer and it tells you if you are low, high, or peak- which would be like a pos line on an opk. I could never get the hang of the opk- is the line as dark etc. This tells me, so I don't have to guess. I remember once I was trying an OPK brand for the 1st time and wasn't sure- well it looks dark, but had to run to a neighbor to see if I was crazy. We both thought it was as dark as the test strip, but turns out, it was a fluke b/c next day was light again and no temp rise. So, I like that I know when to test - am only (before I was like, well, is it better in am- afternoon and I can't hold it for that long). I have also heard many good things about people conceiving while using these. I should have checked ebay- didn't even think of it!


Amanda - April 30

Thanks for the info Stacey! I just might get one if this isn't THE month for me. I'm expecting AF in a week and will test then.



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