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Kirsty - November 1

Hi all. My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for 5 months with no luck. I have a long cycle of 37 days. So last month I bought a saliva ovulation test to find out exactly when I ovulate. (The OPK's are about $20 for 5 tests, but this one was $80 and lasts forever - is used everyday) Anyway, it shows a fern pattern becoming more and more clear as you get closer to ovulation, it worked great and I found our I ovulated right after my period finishes. But now for the last week and a half it has shown the full fern pattern every day (after I had ovulated and it went away). I have been feeling a little off and ended up having an abbyss on my tonsils. I was just wondering if anyone has had experience with these types of ovulation tests? Does the pattern show up when your pregnant? I am due on Monday. Thanks :)


melanie - November 1

Hi Kirsty. when I found out I was pregnant My saliva kept coming up with the fern pattern everyday. Then I took a pregnancy test and it was positive. I am now 9 weeks pregnant and only used my saliva tester one month


Kirsty - November 1

Congrats! I was hoping thats what it could be... Will wait till monday to see! Thanks


melanie - November 1

I took a ept certainty digital pregnancy test 4 days before my af was due and got a pregnant. You could probably take an early test a few days before. But I think you probably are because there should be no other reason why your saliva would fern unless you were ovulating or were pregnant. But If I had to make a bet I would say you were. Please keep me posted or you can e-mail me at [email protected] Good luck


melanie - November 4

Kirsty have you tested yet or are you going to wait untill monday?


Kirsty - November 4

Hey! No not yet... I thought I would just wait it out till Monday. It is still showing up with the fern stuff... I have been craving chocolate all day, I usually do the 2 days b4 my af, thats how I know its coming haha so I'm trying not to get my hope up :) How are you feeling?


melanie - November 4

I am feeling pretty good. I was just curious to see what your outcome was. This may be a new way to tell if you are but the same thing happened to me. afte i ovulated the fern pattern stopped and then about a week before my af was due it slowly started ferning again. I wasnt late yet but I thought that was weird so I took a hpt and it was +. Plese keep my posted it would be interesting to konw if the ferning really is caused from being pregnant. Or something else.


melanie - November 7

Kirsty has af showed? have you tested yet?


Bump - November 7



Kirsty - November 8

Hi Melanie... I tested on Monday and it was negative. My af still hasn't come and I am still feeling a bit of nausea. The fern pattern is still around, so who knows. I will test again in a few days if my af still hasn't come. My daughter has a dr's appointment tomorrow for some shots so I thought I might ask him if he knows anything about these tests... cause he used to be an obstetrician. Will keep you posted anyway... fingers crossed!


melanie - November 8

Yes please keep me posted. Fingers crossed for you and loads of baby dust.


Parul - November 8

Hi Kristy! I am on the same boat. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for our second child in the last 5 months and no luck. I have been now observing c. mucus with BBT, plus just purchase the saliva test. I too, have irregular periods and my cycle is at an average between 32 to 35 days. Are you going to continue to use the saliva test?


melanie gonzalez - November 9

Kirsty any news yet?


Kirsty - November 10

Hi... When I went to the doctor he told me that sometimes these ovulation tests keep ferning once you have ovulated just to show you that you have ovulated, that the hormone is still around, I dont really know - he confused me a bit. He sent me for a blood test and it came back negative. My af still hasn't come and I'm just going to take a breather from it for a while, I feel like I'm going crazy and obssessing about it. The process at the moment is not enjoyable so I'm taking a month off :) Not from my husband tho haha So I'm not going to keep taking the saliva thing until next month... Oh the doc said if my af hasn't shown by next week he will send me for an ultrasound, the first time I was preggers it took a bit of time to show too... Hi Parul! Did this happen with your first child? How is the test going? Please keep posting about whether it keeps ferning, so we can figure these things out!


DJ - November 10

Glad someone asked this question. In Sept. I had an early m/c and was bleeding on and off and on Oct. 14th I started what I'm counting as my first day of my period. I saw the ferning and it hasn't gone away. I've taken pregnancy tests but they are bfn. I'm hoping that the fern (crystalizing) is a sign of preg. I'm due for af on Sat. took a first response test and it came out bfn today... we'll see


Parul - November 11

Hi Kristy, Our first pregnancy was a definite surprise, as I was still on the pill, and conceived at the time, while on it. So, I figured if it was easy to get pregnant the first time, without even trying, it would be easy for the second. Well I was wrong. It has been 5 months since us actively trying, and no conception yet. Thus, I thought I do everything possible to understand my ovulation, as I am irregular when I am off the pill. I had two of my colleagues, who had used the saliva test, and got pregnant within the two months. So, I thought I try it out. I understand the stress of trying to conceive, however I am trying to keep a positive att_tude and to be calm throughout this process. Let me know how you are, if you go get an ultrasound done.


Julia - November 24

Guys, I have no real experience with the saliva tests. I just bought mine last night. Had a m/c 3 weeks ago, planning to try again. I have been reading everything I could get my hands on, and this is what I have read. Apparently, women often have a second estrogen estrogen surge late in their cycle, near time to start their period. This causes a second ferning pattern in the cycle. You may or may not be pregnant, the ferning is not a sign either way. Wish I could give more exciting news.



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