Same Old Question Am I Pregnant

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love2jump - August 25

I know this is a common question but I'm trying to get some different opinions! I have been on birth control pills for over 2 years but my last period (late July/earl August) was different than usual- it was very very light and didn't require a tampon as it usually does, it started late (after placebo pill 4, when it usually starts after 2 or 3) and ended early. Then the symptoms started which I didn't think were pregnancy symptoms til a few weeks ago. My br___ts became SOOOO sore about 2-3 weeks after I would have conceived (if I did) which would have been mid-July. I thought it was because I had been working out but it wasn't "workout" soreness. Then a week or so ago, I noticed my br___ts were bigger and swollen and jiggly and jiggled when I ran and they NEVER do that because I'm very small normally! THey hurt really bad if my husband hugged me or anything and the past few days, my normal bras have been leaving marks on my skin cuz they are now too small! My nipples have been standing out more and I have dark blue veins running along each of my br___ts. I also have noticed the bumps on my areola are more pronounced. I've been more tired lately and get out of breath with just little things like going up the stairs (i'm usually very very in shape and an athlete). I also had flu-like symptoms about 2 weeks after I would have gotten pregnant- i was extremely achey and sore and tired and had a sinusy headache for about 2 days then it went away. Besides that, I've had no vomiting or anything like that. Could I be prenant? I've had false alarms before but this is the first time my br___ts have ever GROWN!!! Please let me know what yall think- any advice would help!


love2jump - August 25

sorry- forgot some symptoms! i've also been very bloated and have had a lot of cramping, minor mostly. sometimes worse than others. but my stomach always feels a little strange, like it's always gurgling like your stomach's growling. I did have some extremely sharp and painful cramps in my sides, at rib level, that hurt more than anything and that was about 3 weeks after I would have conceived. I have had more discharge than usual and my dog has been sniffing around a lot more in that area- is that a sign?


MelissaP - August 25

Everything you mentioned could very well be symptoms of pregnancy. But let me ask you one question. Have you taken a test yet? That will be the only way you will know. It does sound promising though. Good luck


love2jump - August 25

no no test yet, but i did go out and buy a box of 2 tests! was going to wait another day or two and see if my period starts or not within the next few days. but i 've heard even if your period does start, you may still be pregnant? liek i said, i've had false alarms before, but my b___sts have never actually been sore and grew a bra size and hurt when i run or jump! i'll take a test in a day or two, although i'm kind of scared but i would be so excited if it said i was pregnant!! but i'd be sad if i wasn't, too, even though it wasn't planned.


Grandpa Viv - August 25

If you conceived in mid July, you should get a strong positive on a pee test by now. You should also be complaining about feelings of nausea, and the fact that you are not makes me wonder, in spite of the long list of other signs you report. Good luck!


newbaby2009 - August 26

Alot of women dont experience nausea during pregnancy.


clindholm - August 26

Viv- this is my second pregnancy and I have never experienced nausea. It is not a symptom for everyone.


love2jump - August 26

they're right, i've heard that some people never get nauseous at all. i've also heard that sometimes people don't get nauseous until about the 7th or 8th week or even later. I guess I'd be about 6-7 weeks if I am pregnant. I just took my 2nd placebo pill last night. Usually it starts after the 2nd or 3rd pill so we'll just wait and see. Even if it does start, I'm gonna take a test later this week to make sure. If it wasn't for my abnormally swollen and sore b___sts with bright blue veins in them, I wouldn't be thinking I was pregnant at all. But those are symptoms I've never experienced before so we will see! Thanks for the comments!



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