SARAH Wo Said Her Mom Works In A Ob Office

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Traci - December 18

I am about 5 weeks pregnant! Today I had some slight brown discharge on the toilet paper followed by some redish pink discharge on the toilet paper as well. Not really any on my underwear. However, there were two VERY small ( 1/4-1/6 the size of your pinky nail) clots. Now there is virtually nothing...if anything I have to dig up there with toilet paper to see a tan color come out. Is this for sure a miscarriage? Could it be implantation where a blood vessel breaks? I have NO other craming, etc. Thanks Traci!


Sarah - December 18

Traci My mom work in OB so she is there when the babies are born and she takes care of them when they are in the nursery. She's an RN (for 27 years) I can ask her, but one suggestion I have for you if you live in Canada is to call Telehealth, they can be helpful, sometimes they just try to cover their b___ts, but they can be helpful. I do know personally that a certain amount of bleeding is ok during pregnancy.....I remember friends of mine making fun of his wife always saying"some bleeding is ok" However, I am certainly not an expert and given your in the first trimester, no question is a bad question....look up on the net as well.......Hope that helps!!!


Traci - December 18

Sarah...Thanks! I did look it up on the net and it says different things. I live in CA so I am not sure who I can call. Tried to call my OB but I am a__suming they don't take this too seriously. I hope everything is okay! Any new info. please post.


Jay - for Traci - December 19

I am not a doctor, so be sure to follow - up - but I know, and have read that some people bleed lightly in their first trimester. The baby is fine - it is just like a phantom period, I guess. Your situation is not unheard of - actually very common. So, try not to worry! Ihad a miscarriage at 6 weeks, and my bleeding was very heavy - and my clot was the size of a quarter - maybe bigger. Good luck.


Traci - December 20

Jay...Thank you very much! I have not seen another trace of brown or blood in almost 48 hours. Just that one wipe! I guess it really freaked me out! I have had no cramping, etc. THANK YOU for helping set my mind at ease, however, I am still going to follow up with the doc today! Have a great holiday!!!!


t - December 20

When I was PG with my twins, I skipped my first period, and had a period a month later, when I was about 6 weeks past conception. The clots would concern me, though. If your OB isn't taking you seriously get a new OB! It's their job to cater to you, not the other way around (obviously I'm SO popular with my Dr.'s,lol!). Let us know how you are.



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