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Rainbowbrite - February 6

Where are you at girlie? I'm looking for ya? What is Nells forum name? I know it is Nell and i don't remember the number(s) she had on there? and i know you and her are friends via the piczo site as well.... lol.. how are you feeling?


DownbutnotOUT - February 6

hey I dont know if sarahd still checks out this section of forums but she is in the second tri board under june babies.


sarahd - February 6

Hi Rainbowbrite! I'm doing really well, 23w3d preggers! Baby kicks away all the time... think he/she is going to be a little athlete. Nell's forum name is Nell143 - last I heard she and Brenya were doing very well. How are you?


Rainbowbrite - February 7

hi Sarahd! I am doing well. I am not pregnant but i am trying. I'm glad to hear you're doing well!!! If i recall right you were not able to find out the gender of your baby until 24 weeks? am i right or wrong on this? Are you gonna find out? you're so close to that mark? Can i ask you a question? I'm not trying to get personal or anything.. but you seem real thin and in shape... do you ever have a concern about what being pregnant is gonna do to your body? That is one of my biggest fears and i don't know why.. Me and my dear BF are ready to have a baby, but sometimes i think about it and get scared about the stretching of my tummy.. because like you i am rather fit and in shape.. and i guess it is selfish of me to be concerned about that huh?


DaBonkElsMe - February 7

Rainbow, sorry to b___t in, but i feel EXACTLY the same way! I am pet_te and i am scared to death of what this might do to my body. Since I have gotten older, it has become hard enough to keep my shape, what on earth is pregnancy gonna do to me??


sarahd - February 7

Well, it's definitely an adjustment, the changes that are happening to my body right now. Lots more curves than I've ever had! I do have to remind myself sometimes that the weight is okay, and this is just part of the process. But in general, now that I feel my baby all the time, I really don't care too much about all that. It is SO worth it. I know that I'll never have exactly the same body I did before, and I'm sure it'll be a little harder after the baby has come and I've still got some weight and a saggy tummy. But I look at my sister for hope on that issue - she was always super thin and in shape - she had her daughter a year and a half ago and gained 35lbs with her pregnancy. She has always really cared about her appearance, so I thought it would be really tough on her, but she just loves that kid so much that nothing else matters. Plus, she ended up losing the weight within 3 months anyway (lucky girl!). I think she was so busy she just had no time to eat, lol. The b___stfeeding really helps with weight loss too. Anyway, it IS worth it - I wouldn't trade this experience for anything, even if I ended up permanently 10 lbs or more heavier afterwards (which of course I hope I don't!). About the gender, we'd have to pay to have another u/s done unless something else came up that required one. I think we're going to try to hold out and wait until the big day to find out, even though I'm really starting to ache to know! Are you charting Rainbowbrite? I really found that helpful for figuring out when I was ovulating - I actually ovulated several days later than I thought, so if I hadn't been charting I probably would have missed it.


Rainbowbrite - February 7

Well that is great that it does not matter as much once you get pregnant. but that is one of my own selfish issues i have with ttc.. is the fact that it does change your body.. and i mean i'm on the skinny side myself.. but i'm sure that being pregnant is quite a great as well as tiring experience... i always thought that once i get a pregnant belly i'll just suck it up and love it and you're pretty much telling me that for you in this case it is that exact thing. That is great and of course lucky that your sister lost the weight. I'm sure it just takes time and the willingness to do it (diet and eat right) afterwards. But congrats to you.. and i'll keep watching to see if you ever do find out - until that lucky day!!!! the gender of your baby! No i do not chart... and maybe that is a concern i don't use opks either. Me and my bf just bed alot and the times i THINK i might be fertile.. that whole week i'm sure to bed as much as possible.. but we pretty much bed every day and rarely ever other day... so hopefully one of these times the timing will be right!!! thanks for responding to me and Dabonk- i dont mind!!!! anyone is free to respond on these forums!!!



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