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Ceilidh - February 17

hi ladies going for my ultra sound today...hopefully it will confirm whether i am pregnant or not.... its been such a confusing time symptoms say yes tests say no... doctor decided u/s would be for the best im scared though!!!


Meg - February 17

My goodness!!! I will go today as well for final check in the u/s. I'm so stressed. Please keep me posted! My last sf 22 Nov, no clear positive test so far but will see today *** Baby dust to us all ***


Ceilidh - February 17

will do.... let me know how yours goes aswell... my email address is kayle[email protected]


Meg - February 17

I will keep finger crossed for you. *** ;o) ***


Ceilidh - February 17

they didnt tell me anything they have 2 send the results back to my doctor so he can check them and let me know! ive got another 7-10 days waiting :(


kali - February 17

they should have seen something in the ultrasound if you were pregnant


MandyD to Meg - February 17

Meg, did you say your last AF was Nov 22??


Ceilidh - February 17

she didnt say anything at all, jus that she would send the results 2 my doctor...


Alexis - February 17

Ceilidh, If they see anything in your ultrasound , the u/s technician cannot tell you anything by law so don't be discouraged I know the waiting sucks.


UNTRUE - February 17

They have the right to tell you if they see ANYTHING in the ultrasound. What do you think you were there for??? Recheck your post!!! alexis


Ceilidh - February 21

i made enquiries about the fact she didnt tell me anything.... and i have been told that because i was refered by my doctor he has to check the u/s pics and let me know himself... i was going for a pre-natal scan(when you know for definate) they go thriugh everything with you... i dont know if they work differently over here in Britain to what they do in America thanks for you replies though ladies!


Ceilidh - February 21

by the way that was meant to say 'if i was goin for a pre-natal'


jesse - February 21

Yep they pretty much work the same. I went in to have an ultra sound to determine pregnancy. They did the one over the tummy and then they did a v____al one. She did not say anything, all she told me was that my doc would recieve the info in 3 days. Well a week pasted by and I still had no info. I called the ulrasound office and they said that the info was sent several days ago. So I called my doc and they said that he had not gotten to it yet. Then another week past by and when I called they said that only the doc could read it and they had no info. Final after almost 3 weeks.....a recetionist called me and gave me my results. I was p__sed off as hell. The doc couldnt even call and give me the info. Plus, they wanted me to drive down there so they could give me the results. I was like HELL no!!! tell me NOW!


Jesse - February 21

I did not mean to be rude to those people, but they acted like they did not give a d__n. I could of had something seriously wrong with me, its best to catch an illness in the first stages right! Well them basturds better be lucky that I was okay. I had stomache aches and thought somthing was wrong, turns out I had eaten some bad food......and I found that out from the emergency room! Since then I changed my doc, and I if I ever have problems with thinking Im pregnant, I just go back to the doc who delivered my first baby, I don't know why I let them change me from him anyway. Good luck and by careful.


Ceilidh - February 27

hey guys i get my results back from my scan tomorrow... im very nervous and confused as i dont know what i want the result to be... im hoping im not but kinda hoping that i am... wish me luck x


rose - February 27

to "untrue" - alexis is correct to say that by law (because they are not dr's) they arent supposed to tell you anything...most of them do anyway, expecially if its good news...some of them are tight-lipped unfortunately and make you wait to talk with the doc...good luck ceilidh


Ceilidh - February 28

Got the scan results , they were normal... supose thats good news to me i can finish college now without any worries... still kinda sad though was getting used to the idea



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