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ashleyd - June 24

before making a doc appointment, we wanted to test again. My first test which was positive was a walmart equate. Thursday morning. Then I bought a First response double pack. the one with II = preggers I= not. I got a negative. Woke up this morning, took another FR...Got a positive, but once again, the line is faint...I mean, it's not to the point I'm pretending to see it (coz on most tests you can see an offwhite line) but this is pink. I'm on CD37...not sure how many DPO I am because my cycle was so weird. Does the light pigment on both just mean I'm pregnant but my levels are REALLY low? Or does the color or the line not indicate how high the levels are? Is the Walmart equate more sensitive than FR? I just can't get in to my doc yet, and the idea that my hcg might be super low kinda scares me (I'm just so new to this, Im afraid)


sonia10 - June 24

HI ashleyd, I had my doubts when I tested too and tested with a few tests and then went for a clear blue digital. I think it helps to see the "pregnant" sign in the window, that way you know you are not trying to see things. Don't worry about the Hcg yet. Try to get to your doctor and go from there. I have read that Hcg can vary a whole lot, it's how it goes up/down for you with respect to this pregnancy that matters. Good luck.


LN030905 - June 24

Hi Ashley! HCg(preg hormone) usually doubles every two, dont worry yet. The reason why some tests are showing and the others arent is because some tests just have a high sensitivity rate than others. Are you making sure to test with first morning urine? If you go to it will give u a list of preg tests and their sensitivity(the lower the percentage the better) I have always heard that a line is a line, but I would try to tests again maybe monday morning and see if the line is darker! Good luck and God Bless!


Emma2 - June 24

Actually the double every 3 days and it is definetely a positive! The light color just means the hormone isn't really at a high level . As time goes by it will get darker and appear quicker but whats the point in testing again ...youre pregnant! Congrats!


ashleyd - June 25

ok, thanks so much! I typed this before the 10 mins was up on the about 8 mins the line was more noticable...still a bit on the light side...but it was there... I'm guessing maybe I ovulated later on in my cycle...maybe towards CD19-22 this month, which is why it was light (my last cycle was off a bit). Either way, when I did our grocery shopping friday night I picked up the prenatals that the nurse @ my docs office said were fine (my doc is popular, so getting in is a little tough) and I asked the pharmacist and he said they were perfectly fine as well. The constipation was killing me, so I went back and the same guy told me I could take this certain type of stool softener (TMI...sorry) too, it was safe for preggos. I'll probably be bouncing around asking a lot of, I've never really dealt with this, so I have a lot of concerns. Told my mom today...and I thought she might have somewhat of that motherly concern as to making sure we're ready, but she ended up being ecstatic and was like "I figured you two would end up pregnant soon" was such a relief, and she gave me some really good early on advice. The only thing she was concerned about was my on and off cramping...sometimes it almost feels like AF...but I picked up "what to expect when expecting" and it says it's normal unless it's excrutiating, or is accompanied by blood/grayish matter/ etc. Also read on one of these posts that cramping can happen, and it's ok. Hopefully my lil bean sticks and this turns out to be a fairly easy one :)


LN030905 - June 25

well..ACTUALLY..from weeks 4-6 HCG doubles every two days..then when levels reach 1600-6000 they double every three. After that they slow down and double every 4. They stop rising at the end of first trimester..So, since shes on cd 37 it would be doubling every two....


ashleyd - June 25 basically...I'm ok... :) I think everything will be fine...just shocked me a bit...


LN030905 - June 26

Sorry just gets on my nerves quickly when ppl are rude and think they are right about things they actually arent...LOL...but, yes, I bet everythings alright!!


ashleyd - June 26

it's ok, I really appreciate the advice - I've noticed there are some rude ladies on this forum...but luckily there are enough who are really knowledgeable and sweet :)



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