Scared And Need Some Advice Please

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worried - April 17

hi i got a BFP on Friday and before i got my BFP i felt a whole bunch of pregnancy symptoms but every since i got my BFP i have been feeling normal and im scared there is something wrong, the only thing i still notice is bloating upset stomach veins everywhere and extremely tired i know these are still symptoms but before i had so many more i had cramping lots of cm which i still have some i had headaches and twitches in my belly it seems like i lost some symptoms and im really scared something is wrong. could it be because before i was looking and paying attention to every little sign and now that i got my BFP im not looking for any signs now? i really need some advice im so scared that something is wrong


worried - April 17

oh yea i also had really sore nipples and now they are not as sore


emily - April 17

I don´t think you have anything to worry about. After reading these forums for a while and gathering information, i´ve started a theory: I think it´s the progesterone that causes some symptoms, like sore b___bs, cramps, cm etc, and as we get a rise after ovulation then we can often get these syptoms. When we´re not ttc, we just pa__s these off as PMS signs. I think we should all be looking for hGC symptoms. then I don´t think we would think we were pg every month!!! Again. Don´t worry. You don´t have to have signs/ symptoms to keep your pregnancy healthy. Congrats and good luck!


worried - April 17

thanks for your answer emily. has or is anybody else going through the same thing?


Nancy - April 17

I'm going through same thing. I had positive tests,,, and even 1st dr's visit. Prior Miscarriage so dr wants me back in 2 weeks,, (am 7 weeks now)... but I swear since starting to tell people, I don't feel PG at all!,,, felt really PG last week. Have to wait until next monday to see heartbeat (Don't want to go thru D&C again!!) Saying little prayers for all.


Kathy - April 17

Symptoms will come and go. Your b___b won't be sore the whole time you are pregnant.. Your not always going to be sick so don't stress about not having "symptoms" for a alittle while.. Good luck


Maria - April 17

I also just found out that I am pg. My syptoms seem to change daily. I also remember feeling the same way you do when I was pg with my 1st child. Everytime I didn't feel something I called my doctor. Finally she told me to please relax. Syptoms will come and go. I'm sure everything will be fine. Try to relax and enjoy your pregnancy. Good luck!!


worried - April 18

thank you guys so much i feel so relieved knowing that its normal and im not the only one. good luck to everybody and have happy and healthy pregnancies!


old mom - April 18

I had no illness or aches or any feeling during my whole pregnancy. It was wonderful and i had a big healthy 9 lb boy! My mom also had no illness or achy feelings with any of her 9 kids. (except the twins)



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