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damaj31 - November 26

hi guys. i have somewhat of a question, and somewhat i am just venting. Aug 1, 2007, was the last time i had a normal period. of course i first assume pregnancy, but month after month of probably more than 50 hpts, i kept getting negatives. im in college right now, and the health system up here sucks. anyways. since i took a blood test and so many hpt's, my doctor at home put me back on the bcp to bring on my period for Nov. now i only have two sugar pills left, but still no sign of AF. i know she can come at any minute but these past couple of months have been h__l with the constant worry. im no longer with my boyfriend, and my friends make fun of me whenever i talk to them about it, so right now i feel so alone. but i guess my question is... if i do end up missing this period, should i just write it off as being something deally with the pill, or... just maybe.(lol), could it still be pregnancy. And i just want to say that i feel for anyone else that is in this same position of not knowing, its not fun, and people around you make you feel like your crazy. its a good thing we got people on here who can relate!


rachels - November 26

damaj - you are not crazy. i experienced the same thing in college (except i was on bc the whole time). my doc ended up giving me additional med to bring on my period and it eventually came. it was pretty scary especially since at the time i was not ready to be a parent. if nothing happens, i would go back to your regular doc at home. good luck!


mjvdec01 - November 26

If you think you might be pregnant then ask the doctor to do an ultrasound. If you think you cycle is out of whack, then ask for something stronger to give it a jump start. You have to take charge of your health care and sometimes that means demanding what the care you think you need.


damaj31 - November 26

thanks for the replies. If it doesn't come i will go to the doctor and request an U/S. i just either want my period to come, or to get a positive test so i can know whats up.



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