Scared Of Miscarriage Pregnant Again

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butterflykisses - January 10

hi, i'm only 16.. i think i'm pregnant, and i'm nervous because i miscarried in august. does anyone have any information on something preventing miscarriage? like herbs, or vitamins? thanks sooo much.


roxyttandme - January 10

No ideas. Exept a Doc. Why are you trying to get preg? Honey, dont take this the wrong way, but dont take this the wrong way. You are too young to have a baby. I used to hate it when people told me i was too young for something. Now that I am coming upon 28, I understand and appreciate their wisdom. Slow down, sweet heart... You have all the time in the world for children. Besides, how would you take care of a child? You are still one wiether you are willing to except it or not... Take care and see a Doctor.


b__terflykisses - January 10

no im not trying to get pregnant.. it just happened cus the condom broke.


Emily - January 10

I had a miscarrage in Aug. It ended in a D&C cause my body wasn't doing what is was supossed to do. My doc gave me the go to try again. I got pregnant after only having one period. I am now 16 weeks pregnant. Good luck to you. Repeat miscarrages are not to be thought of as a worry unless you have had more than one in a row. I was told that sometimes it just happens and that most generally future pregnancies are normal. I would deffinately see a doctor as soon as you can. And I would advise int he future after you have the baby to talk to your doc about birht control pills. They are more effective if taken correctly. For now, just eat right, take prenatal vitimans and get good prenatal care. Good luck to you and your baby.....


b__terflykisses - January 10

thank you so much emily... congrats on your pregnancy, i hope i'm like that and don't miscarry again, i think i miscarried due to hormones. why did you miscarry if you know? good luck to you and your baby as well



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