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Marla - December 24

Yes I have a question my husband and I have been ttc on the 12 of this month about 6 days ago I started to cramp it lasted for 3 days I have been on the depo shot for 2 years and have been off for 6 months so I dont know if it is me trying to get my period or what but anyway 5 days ago I got up and when I wiped myself it was red and creamy so I thought I was going to started never did went back few hours later and it was pink then it stopped nexst day started to bleed pink agine the only way you could tell was when I wiped and that went on until today and now it looks like c_m with a little brown in it not much still cramp and feel sick and dizzy but that comes and goes and it is not often still cramp to and my husbands hole family dreamed someone was pregnant and I told them what we were trying to do and they said when people dream that someone is pregnant and a bunch dreams of it that it was a sign that someone in the family was going to have a baby so if someone could give me some advice it will be wounderful and merry christmas to everyone and hope you all get what you want for christmas and I hope I pregnant pray for me thanks.....


t - December 24

Well, the blood 6 days ago COULD be implantation bleeding, which I understand can last a few days, like a really lite period. I take it your period is due in the next couple of days? You can take a test as soon as you miss it but it is usually better to wait until your period is late a week. Good luck and Merry Christmas.


Marla - December 25

Thaks for answering me Pray for me to be pregnanct thanks merry christmas and a happy new year


meme - December 27

please if anyone has any advice I am in the same boat as this girl so please if anyone read this it would be helpful thanks...


Marla - December 28

Well I took a test today and it was neg if I was preg I would just be 2 to 3 weeks and I cant waite till I miss my period because I dont have a period were I was On the depo shot for so long it can take up to a year for me to get my periods back can someone please help me and do you think I tested to early


Marla - December 28

could someone give me some advice thanks


Christine - December 29

Marla if your only thinking your about 2 or 3 weeks is probably way to early to get a positive...wait until next weekend..and then continue testing 1 week apart..good luck



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