Scared To Death Am I Pregnant

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Schena - January 12

I know that this may seem...but I think that I may be pregnant but I.m terrified to find out. I'm split right down the middle of wanting to be pregnant and not. My cyle was due 1/4/04,. and has yet to make an appearance. I have had some systoms, such as nausea/vomiting, tender br___ts, high temperatures, and cycle like cramps since 1/1/05. I've also been experiencing some weird cramps in my lower belly or on one side at a time. I just terrified that I may be pregnant, and scared that I might not be.....Someone please help!


ekay - January 12

Take a test woman!!! Try 1st Response first thing in the morning. Much luck.


Josie - January 12

Yeah.. I'd take a test before I jumped to conclusions.Then you'll know for sure..


jb - January 12

dont you want to find out? i dont know what else to say !!! you are asking our advice right? TAKE A TEST !!! good luck to you.


Schena - January 12

Thanks ladies, I'll let you know the results....


kim - January 12

I was also due on the 4th... My period came 5 days late and I was soooo sad but af is almost gone and Im looking forward to another month of trying. Did you test yet?


scared - January 13

I just wanna say that I envy you women who want a child and try to plan it. I wish that was my case. I take responsibilities and I guess it comes down to being abstinant. Bottom line is I wish all you ladies out there who want a child badly to have your dreams fufulled. And for those of you who cant adopted and i couldnt be more greatful although i dont remember my biological mother i am still greatful someone wanted me and treated me wonderfully. :)


Schena - January 13

No I decided to wait and test on 1/18/04...that way I will be exactly two weeks late...


Lucky1 - January 13

You've got us all in suspense too!! Good Luck!


Schena - January 19

As promised..I went to the doctor yesterday and......I'm 5 weeks pregnant....Me and the b/f are pretty excited.....although now my biggest fear is telling my parents....they are pretty straight laced and want me to be ten years old and in pigtails when is convenient for them, I think this going to be one of those times.....Any suggestions?



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